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Exploring Ballet with Suzanne Farrell


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Looks like Susanne Farrell's going to do a 90 minute class on June 24th in DC for adults. It says it's for non-dancers, but thought that there would be some people here interested anyway. I would just pretend to be a non-dancer :wink:


Kennedy Center

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Looks like Susanne Farrell's going to do a 90 minute class on June 24th in DC for adults. It says it's for non-dancers, but thought that there would be some people here interested anyway. I would just pretend to be a non-dancer  :)


Kennedy Center



Have fun but be ready to be busted if you have had any training to speak of. I think she would recognize it in a flash; any teacher would really. They may not mind though.

I have a gigle for you. One of my relatives recognized her feet when checking to see if a restroom stall was occupied. Seriously! That is who came out and she spoke to her. Apparently they had met at some fundraising event. I'd have had nightmares after that if I were Miss Farrell.Laschwen

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I'm going to this! :wink:


I tried to get a ticket last year but I think it was either only offered as part of a subscription package or it was sold out but this year I was able to buy one online as soon as they announced it.


I can't wait -- just to be in the same room with Suzanne and watch her work, even with amateurs, is an amazing opportunity. I'm not all that worried about the non-dancer part -- I bet a lot of those attending will have some ballet background since that would be the natural pool of interested people. It would surely be a first for me to be thrown out of a class for knowing too much rather than not enough! :firedevil:


I'll report back...

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Ms. Farrell does have very distinct looking feet and ankles. I think I would recognize them anywhere too! After meeting her on the street one day I was impressed with her directness and the fact that she took the time to speak with me. I wish I could be in Washington, D.C. to take this class! :wink:

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Oh my goodness. Unfortunately the tickets seem to be all sold out by now! I would have been willing to WALK down there to attend. :D


That's what I get for not keeping up with BT on the weekends! :blushing:

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Actually it has occurred to me that perhaps a "real" ballet class could be offered--there would probably be enough takers just in the DC area. The question is whether the best approach would be to SF herself or to the KCen, or to one with cc to the other.

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The part that instructs the attendees to wear leos, tights, and ballet slippers makes me think you will more than likely run into some non non-dancers. Do many non-dancers have ballet slippers?

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Ballet slippers cost $10. If you could afford the ticket, I'm sure you can make the extra splurge.


I think they say non-dancer (although I didn't see that on the page) to mean no pre-pros. It's not a master class... its a special class for adults.

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Who all is going to this? I just scored a ticket for myself and I'm beside myself with excitement. Suzanne Farrell has been one of my favorite ballerinas since I was about eight years old.


My mother is taking me to see the Suzanne Farrell Ballet do Balanchine's Don Q on the night of June 23 as a 30th birthday gift, as well. I am so excited!

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Those of you that are able to go to the Suzanne Farrell program, please post a topic after the non-dancer class and tell us all about it, would love to hear your opinions.

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What is so different about her feet/ankles? I was looking at a bunch of pictures and they look pretty typical to me. The only thing I noted was very skinny ankles and large feet.

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A horse stepped on one of her feet when she was young and it was not exactly the same as the other because of this accident.

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Hmm...any better websites to learn a bit more about her?

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The best place to learn about Suzanne Farrell's horseback riding accident, and just about anything else in her life, is not a website but her autobiography, "Holding on to the Air." It's available at Amazon.

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