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Thanks for your response chicaballet - much appreciated. I totally understand the point made in your last sentence; however, certainly think it is always helpful to hopefully shorten the number of hours searching by getting (and giving) as much information possible up front - particularly for those of us who don't really even know where to start!! I definitely need to get used to the fact that this will be an incredibly long process - a marathon rather than a sprint as they say - and not just an obvious or straight-forward choice.

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Hi Molly123,


I can only speak from my daughter's professional experience. In her contemporary company's history, about half the dancers have graduated from Tisch and Boston Conservatory, a couple recent hirees have come from Julliard, and the others from ballet companies throughout the world. They rarely hire dancers straight out of ballet schools. So I'd say that those 3 schools are the ones to look at if you're just considering contemporary ballet programs themselves and not pairing that with an Ivy.


Also, my daughter's roommates, also professional dancers (one with a contemporary ballet company, the other with a well-known contemporary company with strong ballet influence), hail from those schools as do most of their contemporaries in their respective companies.

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Vagansmom, that is so helpful. My daughter is really struggling to decide whether to pursue a double major (academic and dance) or just dance - but I think her dream would be to be employed by a contemporary company, so this information is invaluable. Thank you!

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