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core/adductor muscles


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From all of the stuff I've been reading I've come to the possible conclusion that the problem with DD's current school is that somehow in the technique being taught there the dancers are not being shown how to use their core/adductor muscles instead of their thigh/outer muscles for developes, plie, battements etc. I've been told that this may be the reason for the upper level students having larger bottoms than other students I've seen elsewhere. I'm wondering if there is a way that I could explain this to DD since she won't be going to another school until after June. Hopefully, there she will learn the concept. Is there any language I could use to help her (and myself) understand this while she is practicing before she transfers? Or should I wait and leave it up to a new teacher for later on?

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Since your daughter is still very, very young, and in the early stages of training, and because you will be changing schools soon, I would not try to do anything about any of this right now. Let the new teacher deal with it. Most students at this age do not have much control of center and various muscle usage. That comes with time and of course correct instruction. Her body is not going to be ruined in another two or three months!

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Thanks Ms. Leigh, I will relax. It's hard sometimes to not get caught up in it all seeing other dancers lines etc. I will sit back and wait until June.

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