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over my pointe shoes but not


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Yesterday after pointe class I told my teacher that I didn't feel like I was getting over my pointe shoes. She said that I was all the way over my shoes (the best shoe that she has seen on my foot, thanks Ms. DeVor) but that I was putting all the support on the outside of my foot and leaning towards that side because it's stronger. She said that I need to strech and strengthen the insde of my foot and arch. Is there a strech that can help improve my feet? I've been rolling a tennis ball on my arches and streching my feet with a thera band.

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The exercises are called the tendu, the degagé, the frappé, the pas de cheval and the position sur-le-cou-de-pied, at all times making sure that the foot is pointing straight and that there is a straight line between the knee and the point of the big toe. While exercising with a theraband, make sure that you are not reinforcing sickling (in OR out).

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