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School of Ballet Chicago Adult classes?

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I'm going to Chicago for a training for work and won't really get to do any sight seeing as I'll be busy all day. I'll be missing my usual classes so I thought I might try and take a class while I am there. I've read some past posts and it sounds like I could do a single class at School of Ballet Chicago. I've emailed them to make sure, but I think I'll be stopping in on the Tuesday Intermediate Adult class. I have to check for sure but it looks like the studio is only a few blocks from my hotel so it should work out well.


Does anyone regularily dance at School of Ballet Chicago?

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I will be in Chicago too for 10 days in June. Please report back about the ballet classes that you attended :)

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I don't regularly attend class at Ballet Chicago, but I can offer some hear-say, I suppose. Take it for what it is worth. It seems that teachers come and go in the adult classes at Ballet Chicago, so it is sort of hit or miss. There have been some fabulous teachers their in the past but not so much lately, from the reports I get. I don't take classes their because of the inconsistency, but since you are only going to one class, I am sure it is better than no class at all. And who knows, perhaps Daniel Duell will be subbing or something. I hope you enjoy your time in the city.

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Have you checked out the Ruth Page Foundation?




I've never been, as my family is embedded in suburban life (!), but I've heard good things...


That said, if anyone has additional suggestions for Adult Ballet in the southwestern suburbs of Chicago (Around Naperville/Aurora/Downers Grove) - that would be fab.... or even places that would allow us to take with the younger ones. One studio at home lets me in with their teens - and they all think I'm their age anyways!

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No information about the classes themselves, but it is certainly true that the studio is very conveniently located. You can walk to it from most downtown hotels. If you rip your tights, there is a good dance store on the 8th floor of that building. And, there's always the chance of running into a Joffrey dancer in the elevator, if that kind of thing excites you (the Joffrey studios are on the 7th floor).

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Well I just had my class. I am used to taking beginning 2 classes and this was an intermediate class. I might be feeling this one in the morning. There was about 10 people in the class. The instructor was more on the side of "expressiveness" than strict technique, I am used to the more strict technique side of things with my usual instructor so this was different. She did do a guided stretching session for the last 5-10 minutes which I liked, I have a tendency to run home right away after class and never give myself a chance to stretch.


I have to say it's been a long time since I've sweated quite that much. Stretching at the end I was actually able to rest my head on my knee I was so warmed up. (if only it wasn't so much work to get that warm!)


Overall it was pretty good but I like my regular classes, they are cheaper too ;)

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