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Ballet Schools in Texas - Austin

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As far as I know, there are not any studios in Austin using the ABT curriculum. I do know that although in the past Slavin did not do a lot of performances, they're planning on doing more now.

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I don't know much about the South area studios as we live North I will say that unfortunately the Austin area as a whole does not have a very good selection of schools. We are in a RAD school and have been for 7 years. We have thought about switching to Austin School of Classical Ballet as I have heard good things but they are very much so the Russian style. The Dance Institute won a lot of awards at YAGP Austin last year however they seem to be more of a dance team type school but they do have a ballet program.

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I'd love to hear any updates on the studios in Austin. I have a student, intermediate level, who may be relocating to the Austin area and the only suggestion I was able to provide was Ballet Austin's academy. Do any of the smaller studios offer more performance opportunities than what seems to have been the case a few years ago?

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It really depends on the part of town they're in. Sadly studio space is so pricey in Austin that great training is hard to come by in Austin proper. 

The Dance Academy in Leander has a promising pre-professional program.

Slavin-Nadal and Ballet Arts of Austin are in North Austin and they are combining to become Capital City Ballet. 

Austin City Ballet has some performance opportunities. 

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