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OK.....my name is christian and im 14. I've been dancing for 9 years and ballet for 5 years...........and i love ballet with all my heart and love being on stage.......people have said that i have a unique talent and that i "light up" on stage.......but im a little insecure right now........the problem is i wanna go professional ballet when im older......preferably at ABT......but see........i am bowlegged and even though my "frog" position is all the way to the ground......i dont know if you can be a professional ballet dancer with bowlegged legs......and i do not know if i have turn out..........can some1 help me on this topic?

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Hi, Christian, and welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers! :ermm:


Ever hear of Vaslav Nijinsky? Edward Villella? Mikhail Barysnikov? All bow-legged dancers. Bow legs are called arqué in ballet terminology, and the fellow who figured out what to call them (Jean-Georges Noverre in 1760) remarked that he had so seldom seen perfectly straight legs in his decades of teaching that he didn't know what to call them! An arqué dancer excels in elevation and movement, not in poses. It's a gift. Make the most of it!

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ive heard of barysnikov and i didnt know he was bow legged..........thanx mel johnson.......that makes me feel a lot better......umm also.....i dont have great feet either..........is there anything i can do to improve that

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It depends on how not great you mean! Do you sickle in? Out? Foot doesn't want to point "all the way"? What? And I wouldn't worry about rotation if you can get a frog all the way flat. The only trick now is to make sure that you can transfer all that rotation to the floor when you're standing in order to make turnout!

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i mean that i dont have a great point.........is there anything i can try?.........and do you kno of any good ballet studios?

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Well, let's start with the old real estate question, location, location, location? California is a big place, and it would probably be best for you to start a Summer Intensive close to home. Are you in the north, or central, or north? Would it be easier to get to LA, San Francisco, or Sacramento, for example? Or is there another landmark you'd care to name?

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HMmmm, OK, you're going to want a smaller venue which can still let people in to their summer offering. I think you've mostly missed the boat for the larger programs, which fill up fast early in the year. How about the LA Ballet Academy? It's in Reseda, and I have good reason to believe that they already know about you:




Then, in Montclair, there's the Inland Pacific Ballet:




And in Santa Monica, there's the Westside Ballet:




These are all schools which I have had a chance to know from one kind of direct experience or another. They all do a good job in training boys.

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Not sure how far from the Irvine area you are, but there is a great school in San Juan Capistrano, which is about 20 mins from Irvine, called Danse Conservatory, it's been open almost a year. www.danseconservatory.com Melissa Allen and Richard Bowman are both amazing teaching and were/are Amazing Dancers! I would check it out. It's small and intense.

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k........thank you for the links..........but have u guys ever heard of the LA County High School of the Arts also known as LACHSA? do u kno anything about it.........?

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Excuse me, but Christian, you are 14 years old, and that is quite old enough to follow the rules of this board. We do not use letters for words or computer/teenspeak on Ballet Talk for Dancers. Your post would be totally illegible for someone who does not speak English as their first language, and it is not acceptable here. There are seven serious problems in that one sentence above. Please correct it with the Edit button.

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In the meantime, a friend of mine in Santa Monica just came on and I asked her and her husband about Arts High. Their opinion was that the ballet there was all right, but could be better, and would work best on students who also study outside the school.

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i know im probably asking to many questions.......but i really want a career in ballet and do you think i can make it this way?

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