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Another "Bump" that needs soothing


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Just an update...



DD woke up and couldn't weight bear today. All of you know how tough these dancers are, and how, if one had razor blades in thier pointe shoes, they would still dance!! Needless to say, being unable to walk scared me.


The MRI showed an achilles strain, but no tear, thank God. There was a lot of inflammation at the insertion, but none progressed up the tendon. Good sign. All of the other tendon and ligament complexes looked good.


There also was "high signal", which in MRI, is indicative of a problem, in the upper part of her talus, the largest bone in the ankle which lies directly below the tib-fib. I spoke to the Radiologist and he said it could suggest contusion or "bone bruise", an avulsion of the deltoid ligament, (which she has no signs of), or just a benign "dancer problem", chronic in nature called an osteochondral lesion, but if it were that, it was chronic, and the overlying cartilage was fine.


So...therapy 3x per week. Ice, 3x per day. Prescription anti inflams, non-weight bearing ONLY when she is in severe pain, and a "boot" just to sleep in at night to keep her foot in flexion, which she can't do right now on her own, due to the pain.


All of my research has shown that the achilles is a booger to treat. It has very limited blood supply, so immobilizing it, as I understand it, restricts flow, which restricts healing, obviously. The therapy is used to increase the blood flow, push out the inflammation, and speed healing. I was concerned that with an "overuse" type injury, that excersizing the injury, would, in fact, contribute to the problem. I guess the trick is to excercise it correctly!!


Another tidbit about the achilles is that when tendons heal, they don't really "heal". They just lay down scar tissue. Unfortunately, this scar tissue can build up and cause symptoms again. A couple of years ago, we had a GREAT therapist, that had spent time with NYCB as a therapist. She used "friction massage" after most of the symptoms subsided to break down the scar tissue in the tendon. It was BRUTAL, and was sort of like taking a theraband and laying it over the tendon with the patient on their stomach and rubbing the tendon through the theraband (picture "pinching" the tendon and rubbing back and forth until the dancer just about faints) until the scar tissue broke down. It didn't really take long, about a minute, but in the mean time, my daughter had chewed the cover off of my checkbook!!!! Anyway, she did this 3 times or so, and the symptoms went away for more than a year!! Since then, she has retired, and the therapists we have since seen, don't do the procedure. Does anyone have any experience with what I'm talking about? I may call her out of retirement to see my DD again!!


Sorry, Babsaroo, this turned into a medical thread. That's all the "technical stuff", more good vibes later.


By the way, I got a call at work today that non-DD was in the nurses office with a flare up of a knee problem (she's 11 and has had 3 surgeries) AND right now, my husband and same DD are at the Emergency Animal Clinic with our Golden Retriever, who mysteriousy got sick and won't move, eat, etc. this evening. Injured DD is at dress rehearsal taking notes from the audience for the AD, and I'm going to get a glass of wine and CHILL. Is a higher power trying to tell me something?? :shrug:

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Called Texas Ballet Theater in FW and they gave me the name of thier Ortho that works with their dancers. DD has an appt tomorrow afternoon for a second opinion. (or in this case, a "first" opinion since the original Dr. didn't know ballet dancers!)


Will keep you posted...

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Your family is having a very tough week. :huepfen: I sure hope that things will start looking up. Please do take care of yourself, as you may be just about the only 'healthy' person in your family! (Well, hopefully your hubby is also OK. :flowers: )


When all of these things happen at once, I figure that things can't get anything but better!!! I'm sending prayers and good vibes your way! :wub:

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By now, I hope your Golden is completely recovered and that your husband, and both daughters are either AOK or soon will be! Thinking of you all and hoping for some good news. :(

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All of you who believe in a higher power, please pray for us.


It's 12:00am, Dallas time. I just recieved a phone call that my stepson, DD's half brother, is in the hospital with congestive heart failure secondary to the rejection of a kidney transplant he had 11 years ago. He is 30. My husband was the doner, and is out of town, and can't be reached until morning. (cell phone is dead)


DD and he are VERY close. I am very humble now, as I understand perhaps why the timing of her injury occurred. She can leave town if she needs to...


no performances this weekend for her.


If i didn't believe, before, that "There is a time, and place, and season...", I sure do now.



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Our thoughts are with you too. That is really tough. Hang in there okay- your friends in New Jersey are sending you our prayers. P & M

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Prayers coming your way from the deep south. Please know that you are in our thoughts and pray for a swift recovery of all your loved ones.

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My thoughts and prayers are also with you. Sometimes I wonder about the timing of things too as your daughter's injury and the timing of stepson's illness. Two weeks ago my father-in-law passed away and my daughter who always misses family events due to dance, etc. happened to be on spring break. A rehearsal kept her from the hospital on his last day but she was there for family support after his death. He had heart failure too but was very,very old. I wish your whole family healing.

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