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Chris was supposed to be taken to a hospital in Kansas City today that has a transplant center "just in case". He continues to improve, but the will biopsy the kidney tomorrow to see if it's failing.


My husband just called and said the Dr's changed their mind and are bringing him to Dallas, by ambulance, instead!!!!


This means he will be here to recover for the next week or so, if her doesn't need to be transplanted again, and if he does, he will be here for quite some time.


Perfect situation for our family and Lauren's dance schedule. She will be able to get back on schedule dancing, AND see her brother often.. Once again, the cards are turned in our favor!!! :wink:

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Stepson is now officially in renal failure, but doing much better. He started dialysis for the first time in his life yesterday. He will be put on the National Donor List as soon as possible, but the wait is 3-5 years right now. More than likely, a sister will end up being the donor. He will stay with us in Dallas for a while until he stabilizes, so that is good. Not the "best case scenario" for him, but far better than we thought the options were a few weeks ago.


DD began pointe slowly last night, after being off for 16 days. She did some flat work last week. Prognosis looks very good for recital in 10 days!!



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Your upbeat and courageous attitude are infectious.


We are all keeping your stepson in our hearts, minds and prayers. And great news about "Didi's" return to pointe, and hopefully the show.


Keep us posted!


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You and your family are in my prayers, too. We are no strangers to such medical upheaval and I know from my own experiences that it is possible to bounce back from such dire circumstances. I am praying for that for your stepson. He is also lucky to have a large caring family at his side.

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  • 2 weeks later...

My last entry...


Recital weekend just passed. DD was able to perform in all 3 shows and danced 6 times, one of which was her YAGP variation!! Family was in town, she had no pain, and was fortunate to receive a scholarship from the Guild for "Atristry, Work Ethic, and Dedication to the Arts" to help with the cost of summer study!!!!! Miracles happen!


Stepson is gradually improving and getting used to dialysis 3x per week. He will be up for consideration of re-transplant in 6 months. He is now staying in Dallas with his sister until he sets settled, so we can see him often.


Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. It's amazing to look back on this thread and see where we have been, where we are now, and where we are going in what seems like such a short time.


"This too shall pass" will evermore have a new meaning!!

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So glad to hear that all has gone so well for your daughter and that your stepson's doing much better, as well. I know I speak for all of us when I say thank goodness! I wish your stepson a speedy recovery and hope that all things will work together for him in a timely way. :P

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Great news! :P:rolleyes: Congratulations to your daughter and best wishes to your son.

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Wonderful news about your daughter, l2daisygirl, and your step-son! And, what a tribute to this board for all the support and encouragement that has come your way as a result of this caring cyber community! It is really fantastic to see so many good things coming out of some rather bleak times for your family! :P

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