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Guest Bryan Lawrence

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Guest Bryan Lawrence

Does anyone know of David Poole? He was with the Sadlers Wells Ballet Company in the 50s, at the same time that I was. I wondered if he was still on this planet!

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Hello Bryan...Do you know Franklin White? I am in touch with him. Maybe he knows? Let me know and I can ask him...Gina

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Dear Bryan


I am just a mother of a dancer in New York State and previously South African(also danced in my days)...that's how I know David Poole. David Poole was with CAPAB Ballet Company after that. Read about him on this web site: http://www.175.uct.ac.za/creative/?f=2&s=0


Hope this helps. I just went onto Google and did a search for David Poole. I was curious myself whether he was still alive.

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Guest Bryan Lawrence
Hello Bryan...Do you know Peter-Franklin White?  I am in  touch with him.  Maybe he knows?  Let me know and I can ask him...Gina


Hi Gina,

Thankyou for your note. I have just found information about David on the net. See the following if you are interested.


Professor David Poole


Poole was a dancer, choreographer, teacher, mentor and director. He was born in Cape Town and trained at the UCT Ballet School and the Cape Town Ballet Club before leaving to join Sadler's Wells Ballet School in England in 1947. Poole was accepted by the Sadler's Wells Theatre Ballet Company, where he created many roles. During his illustrious career he danced with the Ballet Rambert and the Covent Garden Ballet Company and spent a month dancing as an extra with the Bolshoi Ballet when they visited London. He joined the staff of the Ballet School in 1959 and was appointed the first ballet master of Capab in 1963, becoming artistic director in 1969, a post he combined with his directorship of UCT Ballet School from 1973 onwards. In 1983 Poole was promoted to full professor, making him the first South African to be appointed a full professor of ballet. The David Poole trust fund was set up to bring dance to underprivileged township children under the scheme Ballet for All. Poole died on August 27, 1991. The David Poole Trust funds extensive educational development dance programmes in disadvantaged areas of Cape Town.


He was a lovely chap, very friendly and kind. I'll always remember the performances of Dr. Coppelius he did with his little chiwawa dog following him around on stage. I thought he might have died. That's life, isn't it?


Yes I know Peter. Please say 'hello' to him for me. I always remember watching him walking around the studio, thinking. There must have been a lot going on in his head. Isn't this Ballet Talk a wonderful thing? Bryan.

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Thanks for that, Bryan! :shrug:


Now, here, we're all dancers, whether more or less experienced, and there is also a board which examines part of the ballet world from the viewer's standpoint:




If you haven't examined it, I recommend it to your additional attention.

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Will do, Bryan! And you are so right about Peter (Franklin White)...there is STILL a lot going on in his head! It's an honor for me to know him.

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Hi Bryan - I was a student at the Bryan Lawrence School of Ballet in my youth, but unfortunately had little talent as a student and had a very unattractive personality, so I hope that I was quite forgettable!


I now have a daughter who has been attending National Capital with the lovely Kylie Hunter for the past five years - currently studying at the vocational level. It is wonderful to see your legacy continuing through this very fine ballet school.


Are you still involved with the ballet world?


and yes, Ballet Talk is a wonderful site!

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Guest Bryan Lawrence
Will do, Bryan!  And you are so right about Peter...there is STILL a lot going on in his head!  It's an honor for me to know him.


For goodness sake, who are you? I am terrible with remembering names but I would love to know who you are. I can't keep up with all this. It is so exiting.

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Hi Bryan! My name is Gina Ness and I'm the one who knows Franklin White (Peter) pretty well. I used to dance with San Francisco Ballet during the 60', 70's, and 80's. I met Franklin White during a "Nutcracker" guesting engagement in Hawaii in 1980. He was "Drosselmeyer" and incredible! My brother Tony and I (we were guesting as Sugar and Cavalier) have been friends with him ever since. I sent a copy of your greeting to him snail mail. This way, I'm hoping he will check out this wonderful site and hopefully contribute once in a while, like you have been. I'm so glad to see your posts! Welcome!


P.S. For anyone reading this... Franklin White was a Principal actor-mime-dancer with the Royal Ballet among many other talents.

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