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Hyperextended elbows?


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I was wondering if there was such a thing as hyperextended elbows. When I straighten out my elbows all the way, it looks like my elbows are pushed really out, like straight arm, then it bends out at the elbow, then it's straight again. Sorry if this is confusing, I wasn't sure how to explain it.

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Guest Tinks12115

yeah there is such a thing my friend has it and she does all these tricks with it. i don't know if the exact term is hypertextended b ut there is such a thing.

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Most definitely! When you take your arm straight up, not rounded, but totally straight, it will not make a straight line, it makes a very weird angle. Not pretty. :rolleyes: People with hyperextended elbows, which usually goes along with hyperextended knees, can NEVER totally straighten their arms. They look gross. But, the good news is that it is totally controllable. I know, believe me! Mine are totally gross when straight. :grinning::lol:

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It especially looks a bit funny when doing "Swan Lake" and the rest of the corp doesn't have them, but one dancer. A particular dancer at our school had VERY hyperextended elbows and also a bad habit of bending her wrist somewhat in or out too far. That made for a not-so-pretty sight.

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Tell me about hyperextended elbows! :clapping: I defintely have got them! My teacher is always always always correcting me on them. Thankfully she can understand, becasue she's got them too. I just work on keeping them rounded and under control, so that they don't go gross looking. In some freemovement excersise you're meant to have straight arms.....so I have to have mine slightly 'not' straigh.

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Guest tigger_fan_ann

i have hyperextended elbows too! mine look really weird and my friends always call me an alien because it always look broken. O_o but it doesn't really matter much to me. My teachers tell me often that I have nice arms. :thumbsup: What I wish I had though were hyperextended knees. My knee caps are too far out that sometimes, it seems as if I don't stretch it enough (even when I stretch it so much that it makes me want to cry already) :thumbsup:

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I have hyperextended elbows........and knees, and wrists, and fingers, etc. My physical therapist says that's just how I'm built and gives me strengthening excersizes to prevent injury. I try to always be aware of my arms, especially at times when they are supposed to be straight, that I not go till *I* think they're straight.


And this is silly, but outside of class don't show everyone and their grandmother how you can hyperextend your arms. That probably just makes it worse.


That being said, I'm dancing in the modern piece with another hyperextended person and we wanted to show that hyperextension isn't always ugly. :(

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I have hyperextended elbows. They are really hard to keep in control. My teachers are always telling me to soften my elbows.

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Guest dancergal

I have hyperextended elbows and knees. But my hyperextended elbows are a problem sometimes. When I hold them in high fifth, I tend to straighten them too much and the position ends up looking really strange.


My elbows never really hurt, unless I try to do "tricks" with them and press too hard into their hyperextension.

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Guest theskysthelimit

A friend of mine has hyperextended elbows that kind of tend to look pregnant sometimes :grinning: Is there anything you can do to correct elbows permanently?

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Yes, learn once and for all how to use them so that they don't look pregnant! :speechless:

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Hyper extended elbows are quite common. Many of my fellow dancers and I myself have it too.:wink: It is when your straightened arm exceeds 180 degrees and it is not an illness or anything. But when dancing, dancers who have hyper extended arms must be careful not to fully straighten, or hyper extend, as it is not a pretty sight. There is also hyper extended knee.

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