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At the beginning of the year, our Artistic Director and Ballet Mistress ordered a company leotard for our whole company. The leotard is a lot like the Mirella m202lm. Its pretty, but since it only comes in adult sizes it doesnt fit us smaller members of the company. There are two or three girls that don't fit in it. Its baggy in the front and the back and is a pretty scary sight when we try to wear it. :unsure: So far it hasnt been too much of a problem because we havent been forced to wear it but now we are being required to wear the leotard when we rehearse with the guest artists for our upcoming production. :P What should we do?!? :D

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I have this leo that's slightly baggy around the chest and you can tape it to you. So that no one see's anything. It might hurt though. I don't tape mine because it's not very bad.

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Guest dancer522

Maybe you should just bring it to somebody's attention, and get a smaller size in that leotard, or a smaller size in a very similar leotard. Maybe you could take it in, but I'm not sure if that would work on a leotard... it might end up a mess...

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Thanks for you advice! I would take it in but the way its made and the material its made out of make it really hard. It doesnt come in a smaller size. Taping it sounds interesting...

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has your artistic director or ballet mistress seen the leotard on you or one of the other small girls? They won't want you in a badly-fitting leotard - they may be very sympathetic when they see just how badly it fits and have a good solution.



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They have seen it on us I think, but I guess they think it fits well enough for us to make do.

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Have you been to see a seamstress? Maybe he/she could make alterations.


Edited to add: knock, knock, I'm not a young dancer.

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knock knock

Two things you could try are shortening the shoulder straps and taking it in along the side seams. I've done both on some of my leotards. You can take it in along the side seams just at the top or bottom. Maybe you could get some help or suggestions from the people who do the costuming for your company.

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Guest cheeriodancer10

Baggy leotards are very annoying! Once I had to borrow a friend's, and since I'm very petite, her torso is much longer than mine so there was much baggage in the bum area! Definately not a great experience.

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