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rad grade 6

Guest kxsandra

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Guest kxsandra

my grade 6 exam is in 4weeks and we've only started doing the syllabus now. i do threee classes a week for 2hours each class, is this enough? also any suggestions of where you can do dance practise outside of class as my house isnt big enough to rehearse and i really want to do well in this exam.


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Yike! :) At least you won't have any time to pick up any bad habits if you're only starting syllabus now. I frankly don't see how you'll be able to learn all the syllabus material in that time.

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Guest sarabesque

It is possible, i think. I learned advanced one and intermediate vocational exams both within three months. I think I started with only two lessons a week and then of course it got more intense.


This is how I did it:

1) I was already basically at the level, of at least intermediate- so I had to learn to the exercises and the style ( and a few crazy steps like jete battement!) but not actually learn a whole year of technique.

2)I had private lessons, but that was also the only RAD lessons we had- this was not an RAD school. so maybe your RAD classes are kind of the same thing.

3) I took my teacher's syllabus book khome and photocopied all the exercise I didn't know well. I also burned a copy of th CD. Then i took my RAD book to lunch and read the exercise at school, in study hall, listened to the music on the bus etc.

4) Ok I admit it, the night before, I crammed. I was sharing a room with my teacher and went over every exercise- and asked her questions about the heads or endings etc.


They say that even if you don't know the exercises that well , you can really pull up a score with musicality and presentation.


Good luck!


Oh , I guess I should mention I passed both of them- Intermediate with distinction and Advanced one with MErit--- not bad for three months as opposed to two years!

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Along with sarabesque's excellent suggestions, if it's possible, obtain a copy of the video for grade 6. I found it fairly helpful, although a little outdated. There are some minor differences between the video and the current syllabus but this is a good way to refresh your memory about an exercise and to have a glimpse at the distinct Romantic style of this grade. If you don't have much room to practice, perhaps there will be some place to at least practice barrework? I'm taking my grade six exam (finally!) soon too :) Good luck!

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Guest scorpiodancer0007

Before I took my grade 6 exam I got a copy of the music and I listened to the

music in my spare time so that I would recognize the music when I took the exam.

Oh, I also wanted to say Good Luck!

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Let me reiterate, though, that the original poster gave a time limit of four weeks. Three months is twelve weeks. In that time, learning syllabus adequately is possible. I don't see how anyone can learn it in four.

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