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Cramped hamstrings

Guest Dance_Like_This

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Guest Dance_Like_This

Sometimes when I do pirouettes in attitude, I tend to get cramped up in my hamstring. Does anyone have an idea why and what I could do to prevent it? Thanks in advance :shrug:

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Not sure why this happens, but the only thing I know to prevent it is to be sure you are totally warmed up and that your hamstrings have been well stretched before you do these turns.

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Cramps are often caused by a lack of potassium . . . try bananas but not too many becuase that could lead to (bowel) problems.


Also, when you're in attitude, you may be gripping your muscles really tightly, these will cause them to cramp up. What you need to do is USE them but not tighten them up as much as you can. this is a hard feeling to learn . . sorry if i couldn't explain it very well. :)

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