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Pain on pointe


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I'm not sure where to post this, as I'm not sure it has to do with my technique or my shoes.


I haven't been on pointe for almost 2 years, but I started again recently. When I was on pointe before, it was practically painless, except for a rare blister. Now, it's practically unbearable. Not just the blisters, because I know those will disappear when I have calluses again. It's mostly my big toes that hurt, the pressure on it is terrible. I don't think it's my shoes. I got different shoes and they fit very well, they're Merlet Etoiles. Even with padding, the pain in my big toes is unbearable, so bad I can hardly do anything after about 20 minutes of pointe class. I'm much stronger than I used to be, but even easy things have become difficult because of the pain.

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Anyone? Miss Leigh, Major Johnson????

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So sorry, Marjolein. I must have missed this one somehow. Actually, pain in the ends of the toes is relatively normal when you have been out of pointe shoes for a long time. It will build back up again, but you can't expect it to be like two years ago when you first start back! Make sure your toenails are cut short enough, and just give it a bit more time. If you are doing 20 minutes before it hurts, that's a good sign. :thumbsup:

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Thanks a lot Ms Leigh. I'm glad to hear the pain is normal after being out for so long. My last class was already a bit better, I forgot the pain by the end of class because I had to focus so much on my technique by then.

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