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I haven't been visiting these fora for such a long time so please feel free to delete this thread and redirect me somewhere else if there has been already a former thread about the same topic. :)


anyway, on to my case.


I think I have hypoextended knees (which forms a far less than my hyperextended elbows). I try to REALLY stretch it all the time but it seems as if it never comes out straight enough. The under side of my knees, no matter what, look bent. The front side, although it is quite straight already, still looks a bit unflattering because my knee caps still stick out.


I've been trying to get them to look straight enough for years but it doesn't seem to do so. Are there any exercises for these or is it just simply impossible to get the straightness I've long desired? :shrug:

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Try running a search using the Search function of the board, and use the word "hypoextension". I found a whole page of leads there.

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