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Hi all,

My daughter and her friend were both accepted into ENBS program for 21/22. We are not sure if we can afford her to go and am looking carefully at the housing costs. Could anyone tell me what a really good price for a shared room would be? What does expensive look like? We've been given a quote for $175 pound/week for one living option but I don't know if this is a good price. Also, what would be realistic amount for food per week? We're a family of seven so it's very easy to add a person to a large families grocery bill and it not amount to much. Living on your own can be more expensive per person.

Any info on the schooling side of going there would also be great to know.


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On 6/13/2021 at 7:01 AM, mumof5fishes said:

We've been given a quote for $175 pound/week for one living option but I don't know if this is a good price.

Central London rents are high. If the price is in pounds (GBP) (you've written the cost with a dollar sign, so I'm not sure) then that is a high rent,  at around £700 GBP per month. It's high, but not exorbitant in London terms - rooms in shared houses can be around £600 to £1000 (GBP) per calendar month, depending on area. 

What is included in that cost? Utilities? Food - some student residence halls offer a catered service for breakfast & dinner, with options for a packed lunch. If it's walking distance to the EBNS, then there's a big saving on transport costs.

How long is the tenancy contract? 12 months, or the length of the academic term? At my university (not in London, way out in the regions), the standard tenancy contract for an undergraduate self-catered room with a shared bathroom, is for 40 weeks, and in one of the newer halls of residence (I've stayed in them - very nice) works out at around £160 per week. This includes all utilities, and wifi. Older halls work out at around £110 per week, all inclusive.

London transport is divided into Zones: the central (tourist) bit of London is Zone 1. Zone 2 is still pretty central, but Greater London has a population of around 7 million (just below the entire population of Finland!) so location is an important consideration in terms of weighing up costs & value for money.

I'd second balletfan's recommendation to ask on our "sister" board in the UK: Balletco. 

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Thank you @balletfan and @Redbookish

It is looking highly unlikely that our daughter will be able to go. It is just too expensive...will be looking at cheaper options. Things are too uncertain these days to take on so much debt.  It is still an honour to be accepted and she is very grateful for the offer. 

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