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Does anyone do Cecchetti here?

Guest Misballet

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Guest Misballet

I was just wondering if anyone here has done Cecchetti here. I did at my old studio, but I had to leave and go to a new one. If you do Cecchetti, do you like it?

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yes i do currently study the cecchetti method. But our teacher doesnt just teach one style she likes us to be open to everything therefor we can go from style to style with versitilaty and ease. Yes i do like the cecchettie method yet on some specific levels i dislike it. One example would be the preperation for pirroutes(not a good speller...ooops)i preger balanchine style much more. well thats my tak on the pretty much everything so yeah...peace out!!

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i used to do alot of Cecchetti and i liked it. i still do some things Cecchetti like grande por de bras and what not.

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Guest scorpiodancer0007

I take Cecchetti exams and I love it. I like Cecchetti because you are given

the same exercises every week and it is easier for me to work on a critique.

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