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HELP! My foot keeps sickeling in my pointe shoes! I think it's a matter of strength, or can it ever really be fixed? Also, does sickeling have anything to do with turning out from the hip?



Thanks! :)

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I moved this to YD, ABTwannabe, as it is a technique question, not pointe shoes. :)


Yes, it has a great deal to do with rotation from the hips. If you do not have the rotation, or the ability to use your rotation fully, then it will certainly affect how you stand on pointe. While it is possible for pointe shoes to be a partial cause, I find that much more rare than the fact that the dancer is not able to use enough rotation on pointe to maintain the correct line of the foot. You will need to work hard in technique classes to learn to use and maintain the line of the foot, both when that is the working foot and when it is the standing foot, especially on demi pointe. Once you can control it well on demi pointe, and IF your foot is both strong and flexible enough for pointe work, then start working on it at the barre only. I would not even attempt to dance in the center if you can't control it at the barre. If you are not centered on your shoe in the center it puts too much stress on other areas of the foot. The potential for injury is much greater. :)

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