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I really need help


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I am doing a project(not for school)and i really need help............the video is going to be on male dancers...........nd i need vidoes of men doing ballet that are online.....they dont have to b long.........but the longer the better......if anyone knows of any or that knows where i can search under plkz post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11thank you

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I was serious the first time around.


Use google.


Of course, if you access videos on the net, and link them or make another product with them, you realize that you have to get the copyright holder's permission, right?

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i am just going to like show people videos of dancers......and what do i search in goole? "male dancer videos"? i dont know wat to search for

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Why does it have to be online? Wouldn't it be better to get a regular video, like the great one about the ABT male dancers? Born to be Wild, or something like that. I have forgotten the exact name of it, but it has Wild in the title, and it features Corella, Carreno, Stiefel, and others. Won't find anything on male dancers much better than this!

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