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London classes on Tuesday?

Mr Robin

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I've got a bit of free time in London tomorrow and am wondering if any of the London posters can suggest a class (or two!) I could take? I'm free between about 1.30pm and 4.30pm, and 6.30pm and 8.30pm. Level-wise I'm elementary-intermediate.


I see Maggie Paterson has an Elementary class at Pineapple at 3pm - anyone taken it? What about Renato Peroni's class at Central in the evening? And am I right in thinking that ENB have an adult class too in the evening?





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Hi Robin,

ENB have classes tuesday evening - check out their website, although not sure if this is a beginner class - could also take a look through the ENB rep day thread, im sure these classes were mentioned!


I havent tried Maggies classes but have been to quite alot at pineapple and loved them all! :D


Maybe soon one of the local londoners will be here to advise, Dance scholar London is very helpful too.



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I know Renato's class only from Danceworks - he explains everything many times but if it is a beginner's class you might end up just doing plies and tendus as there is no more time left for centre work. If you can make it at 1pm you could take Anna du Boisson's class at Danceworks - it is elementary level (maybe intermediate) depending who is coming. The 3pm class at Pineapple is more demanding than Anna's. As far as I know, the ENB class on Tuesday is Intermed/Advanced but they might have an elementary class too.

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I take Maggie's or Ian's 3pm at Pineapple about once a week - they are fairly demanding but also very large so it's easy to hide at the back. Being able to drop in whenever makes it worth overcoming shyness!

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Guest Lori64

I've never done Maggie's class, but I do drop in on Ian's classes whenever I have time and I'm in London. Fabulous teacher and I would say that if you are used to doing an ele/inter free class you shouldn't have any problems.


Anna du Boisson is also fabulous, I used to go to her clases when she taught at Pineapple many years ago - probably over 20 years ago. She used to do the 3pm ele ballet slot then.


Ian Knowles is the sort of teacher who will notice everyone in his classes and correct you even if he doesn't know you and you just drop in - he really doesn't show any favouritism between regulars and droppers in! And it's always interexsting to notice that many performers from the West End stage are there too!

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Guest beckster

Renato Peroni's Tuesday class is not a beginner class, although beginners do take it. It has a very long barre with many many tendus but in the centre it is rather more difficult. His style is quite "American" which means he corrects RAD arms! It's often quite crowded and has a real mixture of abilities. I haven't been for ages so it might be different now, mind you.


If you aren't a member of Danceworks or Pineapple, this is probably the best-value class you will find.

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Never made it to a class that Tuesday - I'd had a bit of a nasty fall snowboarding on the Sunday, and although it just felt a bit sore when I posted on Monday morning, my hip had swollen up rather alarmingly by the evening... So I thought it wasn't a good idea to dance the next day!


I was in London again the Monday after, though, and took Susan Zalcman's beg/elem class at Pineapple, which was pretty good, though it was pitched at a much lower level than I'm used to. Good to go back to basics, though! I thought the studio was a bit cramped - a quarter of the size of my studio up here, but with twice as many people! And it cost a lot more than I'm used to paying - £12 including day membership... That's private lesson money up here! But it was enjoyable and well-taught, so overall I was happy.


I think next time I'd try an elem class instead, though by the sound of what people have posted here they must be quite a step up in difficulty from beg/elem. And I have to say that I far from sailed through this class - it's the only open class I've ever taken, and it was quite confusing after three years doing the same syllabus. I made a good few mistakes!


Actually, there was also a Pre-Elem class at Danceworks on the Monday that I was gonna take, but I was too late finishing the meeting I was in London for to make it. I think I'd maybe try that one next time, and then work up to Elem proper if I found that one fairly easy.

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