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Bummed out


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I am not happy about this. Yesterday apparently I was a bit "vigorous" in class and now today certain muscles in my legs are hurting me. (it is the outsides, running down the outsides of my thighs.) I am concerned about taking class tonight just because it is probably not good for my body. Although, once I warm up, probably it will not be felt so much, but it still worries me.


What do you all do about this situation? Just muscle through it, or sometimes take the day off? I NEVER take a class off but just may do so tonight.


Also, for our experienced students and esteemed experts, do you have any opinion on whether this problem may be exacerbated by the fact that I take formal class only 3x per week? (In addition to that I practice a thorough barre 2 or 3 more times per week and always do Pilates at least twice).


I am planning to move the rate up to 4x per week starting next fall. I began studying last fall (2003).


Thank you and have a good night! Those of you in class, have a great one! :rolleyes:

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I'm gonna answer the what would I do, but not the what might happen part of the question.


If I was on a class card, I would take the night off. Rest can be a good thing too.

If I was on a tuition based schedule I would call the studio and ask them if I could arrange a make up, if I couldn't then I would go to the class to observe. You can still learn from others corrections.


Sorry to hear you are hurting. Sitting out classes is NO fun. I hope this pain doesn't continue in the future.

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I would have to say that it depends on the sort of pain. From my perspective (and I have no authority on this matter), if I were sore, I would go to class, because I find that more exercise tends to make me feel better. If I were really sore, I might just do barre. However, if the pain is more of an injury sort of pain, I would sit class out. I hope you feel better, whatever you decide to do.

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Having been in similar situations (and I am assuming you just have sore muscles) I know I would go to class. One of the best ways to deal with sore muscles is to do exactly the exercise that made muscles sore in the first place. That pumps blood to the injured cells that in turn promotes healing.


Having said that, I know my approach is my own. By nature, I am a “plugger.” I just keep showing up and I attribute any success I’ve had to that behavior. But that doesn’t mean my approach is in any way the best or even good for another person.


In actuality, I think it makes absolutely no difference what you do. I’d go by my intuition.

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Guest milky

Well, I think that this is where the difference between soreness and pain is important. If I were just sore, I would go, but be sure to do extra warmup and cooldown, and maybe take a bath before bed. For pain, I would skip.


FWIW, I'm often sore in the same area - I notice it the next day when I climb the stairs at work. I wonder what causes it?

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Dancers, thank you for the support and your help!


I ended up going to class last night (of course) and it was wonderful as usual :P We had such a good time!


I think I needed the accountability of having to come back and report that I had skipped. :D Thank you for being there :D


The legs are protesting loudly when it comes to stairs and the like, but certainly nothing unmanageable. Part of my concern was that the discomfort would encourage me to work improperly, if that makes sense. But in the end it seemed best to keep the usual routine and just give the best effort possible.


Perhaps I should find the Drama Talk board next time :P


Happy Dancing!

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Guest ryana

I am glad you went and had a good class. I just wish to also thank the posters of the replies here for I had a similar situation this week myself. I have always gone to class no matter how sore I am. I agree that I find it helps.


However, this Thursday (I take my two classes on Thursday and Friday) I find myself at work with a terribly sore back. I was going back through my activities trying to think what it was from. I never worked that out, but a visit to the chiropractor (as it had gotten that bad) revealed that I had put my back in two places. She put it all back in, but told me under no circumstances was I to go to ballet this week. I called the studio to explain, but as I pay as I go this was more a courtesy to the teacher. I would have loved to have gone and watched, but didn't think of it at the time. I was getting very upset with myself for not going, but this thread has made me realise that going could have done more damage and it was really just taking care of my body :(


Thank you all...

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