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Professional dancers "finishing" at PrePros?

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I have scanned the thread, "evaluating year round programs" And the question I still have is.... Are they necessary? I wonder what % of professional ballet dancers have gone to year round high school programs? Does it give the needed advantage? Still trying to sort out what the training path needs to be for DD that wants to dance professionally?

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I am not sure a statistic like this actually exists. For the most part, students who go to residency programs tend to not have qualified professional teaching in their immediate area. Or they need programs that are able to spend more time on higher level work.


Students need to have high level teaching/teachers to help them to develop their skills. Residency really has little to do with it.

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I marvel at those who have to trek 45 min to an hour to get dk that high level teaching. After school, dance, dinner, homework & travel time, there's not much left but a trip to the bathroom. Those families have to sacrafice so much.

It would seem that a residency program, in this instance, might be less stressful on the dancer.

Of course, the family would have the added stress of not seeing their kid too often, not to mention the dent in the bank account. :)

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Almost all ballet companies have websites with their dancers' bios listed. Go to your favorite ballet companies' sites and read the bios. I think that you will find that most professional dancers have finished their training at a big name pre-pro school. Positions for new dancers with pro companies are very limited. Having the polished training of a pre-pro school is helpful as is having that listed on your resume. Having said that , my dds have attended some company auditions where the director did not collect the resumes before he made the final cut.

Having the recommendations of trusted dance faculty can be a real bonus when trying to find that elusive dance job.

My girls attended an excellent training school but all went on to finish their training at schools attached to professional companies. I'm not sure what you mean by a "residency school" other than that you can live away at that school. Just because the school has a dorm doesn't make it better than any other school. Check out the school's reputation for placing dancers with professional jobs.

The big name schools are selective, so being chosen to attend also suggests that you have the potential for a pro career, although there are no guarantees.

Focus on getting the best training that you can. Attend the best SI that you can and take it from there. The ballet job market is so hard to break into that any advantage that you can get is worth the effort.

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DD's teachers have told me that a dancer with potential should get the best training they can. If it happens to be in a small studio, fine. BUT....by the time a dancer is 15 to 16, they need to go to a good, reputable pre pro school to get the finishing they will need to continue on the road to a professional career. The big name schools look much better on a resume than a no name small school, no matter how good the training.

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I never thought about residency programs when my son was small. He got exceptional training at a small school. However, as he got older, we both realized that he needed men's classes that actually contained other guys. I have found that he also has the advantage of living across the street from ballet, rather than 50 miles away. I would agree with Lahina that he has less stress due to no commuting time. I also have found that there are many more performance opportunities at the residential program. He has grown more polished. I know his basic technique was excelllent and the school this year has really improved his stage technique. It sure is hard having him away though.

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