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Auditioning- Australian Ballet School


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We don't get the results until August September -.


Wow, that is a long time to wait. I thought 5 days was a long time for my son to wait for results. I agree, these auditions are a good experience. My son really enjoyed just participating in a class with such a large studio (he said it was like 5 if his normal studios put together).....and of course the pianist. He has never gotten that at his regular studios. Then there was taking class with other boys...something he has lacked over the years. he said even if he had not been accepted, he enjoyed the process.


Hoping your daughter gets the results she is looking for.

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my dd auditioned for the aus ballet school this july for level 3 unfortunately didn`t make it. I had heard that there were only 4 positions australia wide for level 3, this put results into perspective for dd and me. Following week, she received her RAD results for intermediate foundation and got a distinction which definately cheered her up. Delema for me now is whether she should try again next year and whether my son who will be nine in Jan whould try for level one he has lovely body and potential and probably more chance of getting in.

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hi adelaide parent - nice to meet a fellow Australian. My dd was not accepted this year (also level 3) and last year I know that only one student was taken on from SA.


I think you leave it the hands of your student dancer. How would your daughter feel if you allowed your son to try out but not her, as you felt he had a better chance of being accepted. My dd was only a little disappointed but enjoyed the total experience and definitely wants to try again next year. She has really returned from the audition with a new energy level and focus - this is what she wants to do and in Australia, the ABS is seen to be the best, so it is definitely a rigorous testing ground.


I would allow both your children or neither of your children to try out if I was in the same position. As I learnt, for dd it really WAS about the journey and not the outcome - she taught me a good lesson in this regard.

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I would not hold the son back in order to protect the daughter's feelings, as long as he really wanted to do this because he loved to dance.

I was in this situation many years ago. My son started to dance because his sister did. She was not accepted into professional schools, but my son was. He had the passion and the body, and she did not. Nine years have passed, he has recently graduated from a good pre-pro program, and is still dancing. She has moved on to other wonderful pursuits, has a great job. She is his best supporter and fan.

Treat each child as an individual and help them through their journey, in whatever path life gives them.

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I think your right, dd has enough maturity and support that she would most likely deal with this. It does seem a little unfair though that boys do get more compliments and attention than the girls but then they have so many other issues to deal with. thanks for passing on your experience. The aus ballet school auditons are certainly a good experience for dd and she also really enjoyed it, so they will probably both have a go next year. Its unfortunate that there are no other programs in Australia available of a similar nature.

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adelaide parent,

Welcome to BT! We are glad to have another Australian on the board and look forward to hearing more from you. Please take a look around at the many forums available here. We hope you will become an active member of our cyber community! :D

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adelaide parent - this is so true.


Its unfortunate that there are no other programs in Australia available of a similar nature.


We just have to find good studios and try to expose them to whatever opportunities we can.


I admit to feeling slightly jealous of the opportunities the US kids have with the SIs, but then we don't have such an extended break during the year. Nevertheless, I know dd finds the six week break over Christmas far too long. She is now old enough to attend the Ausdance summer school, but this only runs for one week. I'm considering the possibility of going to Melbourne for a week in January so she can attend the Aus Ballet summer school.

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Hi Danceintheblood, australian ballet school summer school is very expensive compared with ausdance summer schools, we did a summer school at our studio this year and some of the teachers taught at the ausdance week. dd enjoyed and looked forwrd to this as there was no pressure of exam work etc. This year my daughter has had workshops in every school holiday for vocational exam in May and grade exam in the last school holidays and next holidays she has rehersals for the annual concert so shes learning to be very busy year long and when she hasnt got a dance class shes a bit lost.

Just a comment about the abs masterclass in each capital city my dd enjoyed the class at her session which was for 10,11,and 12 year olds and was attended by about 20 students but she told me she received only one correction and the teacher had to spend alot of the time correcting the younger students I think at $60 australian for a one and a half hour class is rather an expensive class, are there similar masterclasses for american students. I realise that the school has travelling expences but there doesnt seem to be any scholarships available for anything other than their fulltime senior course. Would also like to do abs summer school at some stage in the future but I think you might get just as positi ve an experience at the ausdance schools.

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Hi! My daughter also attended an AB master class last year and was of the opinion that it was "O.K." but not worth the $60 - one wonders if perhaps these classes help subsidise the cost of the audition tour and are also used to get a better look at those in the class who are auditioning the next day. Keep in mind it is very difficult for any teacher to identify and address problems in a one-off class.

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My dd was offered, through her ballet school, a master class with the Aust Ballet company when they were on tour. Basically, the same as the master classes held before auditions, but at only $15. As this was only two weeks before the audition and as we would have had to stay overnight in Sydney if she took the masterclass, she didn't do the $60 class. She had been looking forward to the class that she took, but also said there were really no corrections given, so she didn't get as much from it as she had hoped. nevertheless, if she were offered the same opportunity next year, I think she would take it.

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My daughter did the ABS masterclass and the audition in Adelaide last year, thoroughly enjoyed both. She auditioned for level3. Apparently there are only 20 spots per interstate level for Australia. Those who are already in must audition to keep their place annually. I think this is where the spare spaces came from. This year we didn't do either , but noted that the price had gone up. unless you paid the earlybird booking fee. The audition was a turning point for her though as she has rapidly improved since then and become more serious about her dance.

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Hi, just going back to the what to expect part. I auditioned for the school last year and it was a horrible experience. I have never seen people obsess over physique more than I did in the audition. But it was eye opening. If they didn't like your physique they paid no attention to you in the dancing part of the audition, which for us was 5 exercises! How can you tell what kind of dancer you are by this? Anyway I was so glad when it was over and won't audition again! Setting my sights on England and America now.

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