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Ballet barre height


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I was wondering what is the normal height of a ballet barre :wink:.


Thanks! :(



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We have all portable barres at my school and we put them at hip level or a bit above. I'm pretty sure that's where you're supposed to.

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The "boilerplate" height for barres for adults is about 40 inches from the floor.

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At my school we have two barre heights. The top barre is for the taller people and the bottom one is for the shorter people. Our barre height is WAY about our hips....kellyisthebestintheworld, what do you do when you're on pointe? I find that if the barre is too low, you tend to lean on it??

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well since we have adjustable barres we just measure where our hips are while we are on pointe, it only takes a few seconds and is super easy. There is this one barre that is really hard to move up, so I guess it just depends on what kind of barre you have. At my house I have a wall mounted one and I put it in between regular and when I'm on pointe.

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I'am getting a wall mounted barre and it is not an adjustaible one. From what I've heard, it sounds like the barre goes around hip level. Thanks! :flowers:




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"Boilerplate" means "usual, average, everyday, common" and so on.

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Guest dancer522

There are two heghts for barres at my school, but the taller one, which everybody uses unless they are a little kid, is definately above hip level. Why don't you measure the one at your school because that height would be what you're used to?

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At my studio, the wall-mounted barre has two levels. One is probably a little below hip level, and the higher one is about the height of my arms if I put them in second position and then lowered my hand a little to the barre (sorry, that made little to no sense).

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