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Consecutive Pirouettes from 5th


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For the upcoming spring show, I need to do single pirouette, single pirouette, double double pirrouette from fifth. I can do this, but not comfortably every time, and not always completely cleanly. I'm very afraid that when put on stage, given one chance to do it, I won't get it...because as I said, I definitely don't get it each time. Also, the tempo's rather fast. Does anyone have any tips on consecutive pirrouettes from fifth (especially the pattern I specified; single, single, double)?

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Spot, Spot, Spot/Spot! :blushing: If that is all you have to do is the one sequence of single, single, double, just push a little bit harder into the third turn and make yourself spot twice. Bring that supporting side around with a little more force, make up your mind you can do it, and refuse to not do it. If you are afraid of it, you won't do it. Practice it over and over and over again, every day until you can do it every time.

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