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I have just returned from watching my daughter perform in her first professional Swan Lake. I'd report that it was a completely thrilling "moment" except of course I attended two performances! So it was a thrilling 3 or so hours plus, plus intermissions .... in fact a whole thrilling weekend. But the best, in a way, is that I was able to bring my 85 year old mom with me -- the one who studied ballet pretty seriously as a teen, and is the only one in the family other than my daughter to really know and love it; the one who paid for those classes in the early years, and helped out now and again in the later years, and then missed years of seeing her perform when DD moved from home to chase her dream.


Mom turned to me during intermission and said, "she's done it. She dreamed that one day she would dance with a professional company, in a beautiful theater, and she worked like heck to make her dream come true. And here it is - just what she dreamed of."


Certainly l was loving the performance and loving watching my daughter and her friends and colleagues dance, but it took my mom to remind me - this is IT! This is the real deal. She did it!


My aunt and my dad were both so passionate about the performing arts, they would have been so pleased and proud. So it was just so happy and wonderful to have mom in the seat next to me for this one. :blushing:

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Congradulations!!!! How wonderful for you to see that day, and better still to have shared it with your mother. I so hope one day I can share that experience of watching my daughter dance as a pro, and see all of her dreams have come true.

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That was lovely, syr! Congratulations, and I'm so happy that both you and your mother were able to be there! :blushing:

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Oh shucks!! I'm all teary too!


I guess that's why we get so much from this site - because other people understand and can truly empathise with all that our children and ourselves go through on the road to achieveing The Real Deal!


Congratulations to your dd, to yourself and to your Mum! :blushing:

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Wow, that was great. It is wonderful to hear that her dream came true! Thanks for posting. It is an inspiration to those of us who wonder if it is possible.



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How wonderful! What a thrill for both you and your mother! Congratulations on the completion of the dream and the beginning of your daughter's career.


I can identify with you, too. My daughter's career is also due in part to my mother's contribution and support over the last decade. In fact, had my mother not introduced me to ballet, I may have not become a dancer myself and in turn, passed the torch to my daughter. Since my daughter dances in Europe, I have not been able to see her dance professionally due to a health condition I live with that prevents me from flying. My mother, however, has made several overseas trips to be with her granddaughter and to see her dance. Her presence in place of mine is very comforting to both my daughter and me.


To have the dream become reality is a very special time indeed, a long-lasting "moment", to be savoured and turned over in one's mind, viewed from the perspective of your mother and others who go specifically to watch your daughter.


I ask my daughter for ALL the details of her performances and enjoy them vicariously in my imagination.


When I read of dancers whose parents have never seen them perform, like Suzanne's Farrell's father ("The saddest thing was that Dad had missed my whole career" she writes in Holding On to the Air), for one -- there are so many others -- I imagine how heavy the heart must be of the dancer who dances for everyone else but is never seen by close family members.


Our daughters will be forever grateful that their grandmothers were there to see them launch their ballet careers. How sweet it is for granddaughter and grandmother to share such a bond.

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Wow syr, that is one of the nicest things I have heard a parent say about the experience of seeing one's daughter dance. What an accomplishment for your DD, but to hear how it has a trickling effect to your mother...something very special! :blushing:

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Oh Syr, you gave me chills :wub:. How wonderful that your mother could share in the joy with you and your daughter. :thumbsup: You must be so proud...Congratulations! :blushing:

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Dear syr, I am so glad you've shared your happiness! I don't even know your daughter - except through you - and I feel so proud, I could burst! Congratulations to the three generations of you for being able to share the reality together. :wub::blushing::thumbsup:

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Congratulations syr, and to your daughter! How thrilling for you! Dd and I went to see Swan Lake in Ft Worth over the weekend. My daughter has not stopped talking about how beautiful it was. We stayed after and got autographs and pictures with some of the dancers and she was completely star struck by these beautiful young women and men. We wish your daughter the very best in her career!

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