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Second position in pointe


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This might be a silly question, but I've been wondering about it. :green: weve been taught that, in pointe, when you stand in second, you make it smaller so that you can get onto pointe. (if that doesn't make sense, I can explain it again).


1) is that normal, or is it just my school?


2) is it just for beginners?


And also, would an examiner mind it? Or should I work to be able to rise onto pointe in a normal second. :shrug:

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Skye90, I have moved this question to the Young Dancers forum since you are asking an actual technique question not a question related to pointe shoes in particular. Also, questions are key to your success as a student and dancer, try not to imagine any question as silly. Questions are a good thing. They show a thought process and teachers/directors like thinking dancers! :green:


The way you are being taught to go on pointe in second position releve is not particular to your school. The Vaganova method uses this idea on pointe in 1st and 2nd position. Please read carefully, very slightly. From the initial demi plie the toes spring slightly under as the rise occurs. There is no exact measurement as to how much, it is a look...toes must remain approximately under the hip sockets in 2nd position. To come down there is a small spring with the toes returning outward to their original position of 1st or 2nd position on the floor, demi plie, depend upon which position is being studied in the exercise.


Hopefully this may give you some food for thought.

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Thanks, that made sense. At least it isn't just me :blink:



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Guest frappè23

ummm i dont think i understand. at my school, we never go on pointe in 2nd postition in class (we do in choreography). if we are taking class on pointe, and there is a releve in 2nd, we are supposed to do it in first. she says that when you go on pointe in first, your feet are already in second. is this the same @ other schools(SI's). im sorry if im asking the same question over again. :(

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Do you do rises in second?? Like, in the Intermediate syllabus, there are rises in first and second. And at my school we make the second smaller for the rise and stuff...

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Yes, as Ms. Schneider has so well explained about Vaganova, the RAD also expects that the toes should just about be directly under the hipsockets, even using the "roll-up" relevé. And there's no strict measurement, it's all by eyeball. You learn by doing and by being told in class what's right and what's wrong. After awhile, you just automatically learn where they go, and that's where they go! :yes:

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OK, Misballet which is the one you want to keep? One says the feet may move - could mean any direction - and the other says they should move in. For most people, the second is more commonly seen, especially in "pop-up" relevés.

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