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Low-Med Arches, VERY High Insteps?

Guest tigger_fan_ann

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Guest tigger_fan_ann

I've always had a problem with wanting to make my feet look better. My instep seems so high that it's already pointed. But the arch is low/med. When I point my feet, it looks like my feet is broken at the instep. The arch doesn't seem to change. Is there any way to make my arch at least bend a little more?


Also, most girls have really nice feet when they point because the breaking point seems to be coming from the area in front of the ankles. Mine just seems straight. Can it still be improved on and made flexible or am I doomed with unflexible feet forever?


My feet look like a McDonald's sign: .--.--. (bent instep then the bending area of the front of the ankles, then the front of the ankles) :green:

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Without seeing your feet, my guestimate would be that you are not contracting your heel into your calf muscles enough. You may reinforce this important aspect of creating a beautiful line in the foot and lower leg by studying releves to demi pointe, slowly. Remember to lift your whole body upward with fully stretched knees and light hips. Try to imagine your heel and base of the ball of your foot creating a straight line directly under your leg. You can find this line more easily standing in 1st position facing the barre (looking into a mirror) bend the knee of the working leg while lifting the heel off the floor as high as you can, knee pointing outward. Ideally, you would like to use this height of demi pointe in all rises on two legs or on one. Also the way the heel contracts into the calf should be the ideal way the heel contracts when you pointe the foot freely.


It takes practice, but it can help you to understand how your foot worked mechanically, then you may be able to help you apply these mechanics to your work.

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