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I have a pair of Capezio Tecknik that I bought a really really long time ago (almost 10+ years). I've been taking classes on an off, so they're rather worn - no need for tape tho. Anyway, I'm looking into getting new shoes and am now completely bombarded by the different soles: full and split. I've only known of wearing full soles. What would be the reason behind choosing the sole?


I've heard the full sole works the foot the most, and since I don't think I'll be going onto pointe, I'm thinking that would be the best for a maximum workout of the foot.

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Even with a suede sole, I think that's an accurate assessment of the situation. There's only a tiny bit of different in resistance between a full sole and a split sole, but if you want to work your feet a bit more, use a full sole. There used to be shoes which had full soles made from oak-tanned leather, like those on pointe shoes. Now THOSE really made you work your feet pretty hard!

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Guest dance4joy

I personally prefer split soles because they give a nicer line to my extremely flat feet. As far as working my feet I usually take the entire barre on pointe anyway so my feet get plenty of work.

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I find that split soles seem to conform more to my narrow and highly arched feet. I tend to get bunching with full sole shoes.

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I think it is pure personal preference given the current market. The so-called effects of one style or the other are so slight that it isn’t worth worrying about. I can say, however, that at least where I dance, most people wear split sole canvas, for whatever that is worth.

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I wear split sole canvas (Sanshas), largely because one of the studios I take class in has slightly sticky marley floors. I have a second pair of composite (Bloch) split soles that I use for class in the studio with the slick marley floors. My feet are worked slightly more in the leather shoes, but I'm coming back after a several year hiatus right now and my feet always hurt after class so that's currently not a huge concern.

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Guest abstractlines

Split sole shoes just make your feet look better. Full soled shoes tend to wrinkle and bunch up messing up the look of the foot's arch. It adds to the illusion of having a higher arch.

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