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Hi all!


I have not really thought about this, but my coach and I are working on some very difficult variations. I was wondering where we could post questions pertaining to a specific variation with response from teachers, and maybe students that have danced them before. Things regarding technical aspects... for example:


I am working on the female variation from Diana and Acteon. I have seen many different versions (on the same theme) and wondered which is the most historically correct. Like the very opening arabesque; my teacher wants a really high arabesque while shooting the bow, but I was taught years ago that it is done in a panche. What is the most preferred? Also tips so as not to distort the hip.


I know on Buddy Board that there is discussion of this nature, but no advice on technique. I was just wondering your thoughts. Cheers!





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That particular pas de deux is of relatively recent pedigree when held up to the long history of La Esmeralda. It was constructed during the 1930s by Agrippina Vaganova, and was modified by her several times to fit the ballerinas and danseurs she worked with over the years. Which version is the earliest, I don't know, but doing variations is a lot like buying a used car. It helps to know who had it before you.


I think that questions about variations are probably best done in the appropriate student forums, whether Young Dancers, or Adult. After all, those forums are dedicated to class and performance issues.

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