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My adagio is much better than my allegro and I also enjoy adagio much more than jumps (especially I dislike Grand Allegro). Are there any (famous) male adage dancers in the professional world?

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Not right now; the chair of the danseur noble has been vacant for many, many years now.

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Hehehe, not sure if I classify as a danseur noble now but I am working on it :wink::green:

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Hey... you never know,


In like three years, we could be hearing everything about you. We'll (Or at I) sit back and say, "We knew him back when..."


Just some blonde food for thought. Good luck with those adagios.... they're tough.

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No professional aspirations as a dancer here but it I will definitely keep the danseur noble in mind ;-)

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I'm also much better at adagio. Weird huh? i dislike petite allegro most though.

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I really really dislike Grand Allegro and I dislike Petite Allegro. Glad that I am not alone! :o

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Ohhhh...But that's what makes ballet so interesting and addictive....mastering what does not come naturally! But, I'm pretty sure you all knew this already!

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Well its not that my adage has been coming naturally but I have obviously more talent in that. I always have a very hard time in grande allegro, that's why I don't like it in particular. But I love watching it :(

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I'm the opposite! My jumps and petit allegro are fantastic, adagio and extensions "not so good", as my rather blunt russian teacher puts it. And I'm a girl. I'd trade with one of you if that was possible. Who cares that a girl can jump.

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I'm like you, lampwick...jumps and turns came more naturally to me. I REALLY had to work at adage. When I was younger, I didn't like to work on it. But as I studied more and more, I grew to enjoy it because of the progress I was making despite the fact that I had to really work for extensions (especially arabesque). And after all these years (I retired from dancing in 1985) when I teach, I can still jump and turn, but FORGET that arabesque! It's gone....P.S. When I was young and a student at SFB, my boyfriend at that time (also at SFB school) also preferred adage over petite allegro...

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GN--that makes me feel better, though I'm sure your adagio ended up pretty fantastic .


My arabesque is not so bad. A la seconde is the one that's "not so good". It's been waist high for a LONG time now, and doesn't seem to care how I feel about it. It's staying put, it seems...


Would probably look better if I stopped scowling at it in the mirror :yes:

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Out of curiousity, would DSL & BBRhys mind elaborating on the specific reasons why you do not prefer Grand Allegro & Petite Allegro?


I am just curious! I don't do adage well at all. Though i am short and seem to have an easier time with jumps. However, my knees really put up a fuss when I jump anymore! :yes:


Clara 76

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hey, i dont mind elaborating at all! really the reason that i prefer adagio is just becuase im better at it! i have about shoulder height (maybe higher) extension and pretty good balance so adagiop is just natural to me. whereas jumping....i have alot of problems fully working through my plie and stuff to though i can do petit alleg and all that its not as correct as mya dage so i get corrected alot and have to work really hard. people generally jsut like what they're good at!


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I just can agree with balletboy. I like adagio better as I am much better at it. Also, I have problems with my plies when jumping - and the most important reason. Adage is slow and allegro is fast, as I have a hard time picking up new combinations, I always prefer adagio. Even if I dont memorise it, it is slow enough copy the person in front of me. Well, and I like doing some pointe work too, initially more for research reseason but I really like it now

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