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After reading a similar thread in the young dancers forum, it just occured to me that I have (another!) question. Is there really a difference between doing an echappe (on point, that is) and a second position on point?

In echappes, do the legs have to be so wide apart as in a second or as in a first position on point?

Thanks :yes:

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There is really no difference between a simple échappé relevé to second, and a relevé in second. Note that I say a SIMPLE échappé - choreographically, an échappé may be done with an uncommonly wide second, but that's a different sort of thing.

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I was taught when standing on pointe in 2nd position your 2nd position must be smaller ( feet closer together ) as when you will stand flat or on demi-pointe, as it is more dificult to go up on properly when your feet are further away from eachother. Hope this makes sence.


Freddie :sweating:

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I prefer to have a wider position when doing e chappes on pointe because it keeps the head from bobbing up and down and makes the movemenet look smoother.

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