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Most difficult variation


What do you consider the most difficult variation in the female classical repertory?  

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  1. 1. What do you consider the most difficult variation in the female classical repertory?

    • Diana and Acteon
    • La Esmeralda (Tambourine)
    • Flames of Paris
    • Grand Pas Classique
    • Giselle 1st Act
    • Black Swan

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So... which is it? I personally go with La Esmeralda. The extension hitting the Tambourine with the music and not dropping the leg is so difficult! What do you all think? I am sure that there are others that are not on the list. Post from watching and personal experience. I am just interested in everyone's opinion. It is neat to see what one considers hard might be easy for another! Cheers!


Rachel :yes:

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Pas Classique, for the same reason, except it ends in pirouette en dehors.


I can't say that I'm very familiar with these variations though. The only one I ever performed was the La Esmeralda (Tambourine) in my high school talent show. It wasn't so hard for me (which is probably why we chose that one). I remembe having a lot of fun with it.

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I can't really add anything to the poll as I have never danced any of those variations. the ones I have danced are the Lilac fairy variation from the Prologue of The Sleeping Beauty and the Giselle peasant pas de deux. The Lilac fairy variation I found the hardest (it was only just over a minute!), mainly the diagonal piques into arabesque moving backwards followed by double pirouettes, you have to be so perfectly positioned; I guess that goes without saying. The double pirouettes from fifth also gave me a headache, why I found those so difficult some days and so simple another I'll never know? But I learnt them both en pointe and on demi. They were most enjoyable, I loved being the Lilac fairy :clapping: that is definitely me :)

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