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What would be your character?

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If you could be a character out of any ballet what would you be and why? Have some fun ....


I would be the Lilac fairy - she is just so me, or I am so her??- in wanting to make people happy and helping them as best as possible to achieve happiness, plus she's strong and thoughtful. Also lilac is definitely my colour! I love it. :clapping:

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I would be the Sugar Plum Fairy from Nutcracker because I absolutely adore the music for her pas with her cavalier. I also think she has a fun role in getting to introduce Clara to the land of sweets.

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This is more a plug for the "other" board than anything else, but I thought you guys might be interested:

If you were a great dancer


I've been thinking about the question for a while now and I find bart's question a lot easier to answer: I can think of zillions of roles that I'd want to have a change to do, but not so many that I fit into. Sadly, I think the only thing that comes close is Tatiana in Onegin Act 1, awkward, dorky and bookish!

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I would be Odette, or the Sugar Plum Fairy, both have beautiful costumes. I have always dreamed of dancing in Swan Lake, even in the corps and the Nutcracker just makes me feel all happy and christmassy!



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I wouldn't be a character - I'd be a person. Leslie Edwards, of the Royal Ballet.


He was the "King of the Supers" in the mid-sixties, and would be the friendly face and voice of the company to us poor benighted locals, who came to swell crowds. He had tons of advice of all sorts, and was the "reliable source" for a lot of "hot stuff"! :sweating:

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I would love to be a puppet in Coppélia (I love the funny steps) or Joseph in the Jospeh's Legend (how must it feel to be an object of obsession?). Oh and I would love just to be in La belle vie (I love the music and the Cancan)

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I would be Giselle. Ah, the torment.


But if I wanted to stay alive, I would go for Sugar Plum Fairy for the same reasons as Tiffany. :sweating:

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Lilac Fairy because the music for her variation is my absolute favorite of all ballet music and I love the steps of her variation and Aurora of the same ballet because I could really use some more sleep.


Oh, and the ballerina part in the Le Corsaire pas de deux- but only if I could dance it with Rudolf Nureyev!!!

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Kitri in Don Q..or Esmerelda..they are really fun variations and a lot of acting..adn...sipce is needed in those parts..they are alot of fun

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I would LOVE to be Kitri as well...the acting part would be a lot of fun!! her variations look like fun too! :)

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Guest Joanna

I'd love to be Nikiya - she's very interesting and I feel the charakter. Or Gisselle - well, just dramatic roles ;)


From contemporary ballets I would like to be Marika from "Zorba the Greek".

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Hmm lets see- Definately Myrtha or Giselle 2nd act - I am absolutely nutso about romantic ballet.

Maybe also Odile- she is so royal but expressive.

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I would be Coffee in Balanchine's Nutcracker, Kitri, or Swanilda (the Valse Lente variation in particular). I wouldn't mind dancing Sylvie Guillem's role in Forsythe's (sp) in the middle, somewhat elevated.


:blush: I just had a deja vu moment like I've answered this before.

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