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performing outdoors...


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i recently discovered that the stage im going to be performing on in a month is an outdoor ampitheater sort of thing...i havent been to see the area yet, but ive never done any outdoor performances and am unsure of what to expect. can anyone give me any advice, or is it mostly the same as a regular stage?

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*knock, knock*


I don't know about an outdoor stage, but dancing barefoot on wet grass with white costumes is not a fun experience. :wub:

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I am not a YD but my daughter danced for several years at the Murray Park amphitheater in Salt Lake. The stage was not covered so when it rained it was BAD and eventually stopped the show.


Is the stage area covered? I think that there is a marley that they roll and tape down for the production. The only thing that would be different was the wind but usually the sides of the stage area block most of it.


My DD thought that it was almost the same as a regular stage but outdoor rehearsals do necessitate sunscreen....some girls didn't use it and the varying degrees of sunburn made a interesting spectrum at the show.

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Knock, knock - adult dancer here.


I've performed on an outdoor stage several times. It has pluses and minuses, but overall I like it a LOT.


1. Temperatures can be uncomfortable. Worst was performing in 95 degree weather in summer. Our audience was all piled to one side where there was some shade, and we went through a LOT of water. :wub:


2. I think there is a wonderful spontaneous feeling to performing outdoors. No controlled theater environment - it can feel very "free" and fun.


3. Lots of great air to breathe (as long as there is no smog!) - no stuffiness at all. As an asthmatic I really appreciate great air!


4. Often the stages are dodgier than in a theater, and sometimes smaller, so you have to be very careful of your footing and it can be a bit cramped.


5. It is difficult to perform looking into the sun. Squint city! Sunscreen is a good idea too.


6. My favorite is when we do a free performance in a public outdoor setting. You get the best audiences - families out for a walk with kids in tow, and all sorts of other people that wouldn't show up for a regular performance will stop to see what is happening. Fun!


7. Sometimes there isn't a good place to warm up. Either warm up before you show up, or take a pair of old, yucky shoes that you won't mind if they get all dirty - have a second pair to perform in. Hopefully you'll get to see the venue in advance (or ask your teacher/director) to see if this will be an issue.



I hope you have a great time.



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And then there's the moth that flies into your mouth while you're doing a particularly difficult variation... :D

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Guest dance4joy

Don't forget your insect repellent! Believe me there's nothing more torturous than trying to hold that beautiful pose while mosquitos are biting your face! :sweating:

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It's pretty much the same. If it's a pleasant day, it can be wonderful and very fun. Hopefully it will be at night so you don't have to worry about sun in your eyes, that's the only real negative.

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