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HOW TO---Find your own post or thread


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If you've posted on a thread/topic and come back to find your post missing - most likely your post has been merged into another thread/topic. Sometimes we "split" topics that have morphed into a variety of subjects (off topic from the original title) and in doing so will move one or more posts to start a brand new topic. :wub:

A really handy way to find things is to click on the “Activity” which you can find in the upper left hand corner of the board...click on it and a new white tool bar appears.  One of those options is “Content I Started”.  Click on that and more choices appear in a tool bar.   Choose the “Ownership” button, click on it, and a drop-down menu appears with a number of selections.  You should be able to find your posts or threads you have started by clicking on the appropriate choice.  :D

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