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How to deal with humidity?


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Though the temperature has now dropped quite a bit, a few days ago we had a very hot and very humid day. The studio was boiling, and also incredibly sticky. Whereas last week, and then today now that it's dry again, I've been turning quite nicely, on Tuesday, I couldn't turn more than half a turn without either hopping or falling over, or doing something else ugly, because my shoes were sticking to the floor. I finally got fed up and took my shoes off, which was much better, and my turns went back to being pretty good.


So my question would be, are there any solutions to overly sticky shoes in the humidity, or tricks for dancing so that it's not such a big problem?



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Go to Death Valley Junction and dance with Marta Becket? They seldom have high humidity there! :D

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Guest Ashlee2

I would make sure to wash my shoes pretty regularly so there isn't as much sweat build up. I would also not let them sit in my dance bag over night - take them out so that they can dry. I sometimes hang them out the window. The fresh air is cool, and I can forget about them all day!

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(To the tune "My Bonnie Lies over the Ocean")


Last night as I lay on my pillow;

Last night as I lay on my bed,

I stuck my feet out of the window,

This morning my neighbors were dead!


Refrain: Bring back, bring back, oh bring back my neighbors to me, to me...


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Guest uh danseur

It sometimes works best if you turn your shoes inside out and then hang them up, or sometimes using dryer sheets in them works preety well. :P

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