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Using correct muscles

Guest Talularocks

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Guest Talularocks

I know that you are supposed to use the muscles underneath the leg for grand battements, not the quads. The thing is, I don't know how. My teacher is constantly saying that I am not using the correct muscles. I have tried imagery and thinking about the muscles I should be using, but it doesn't seem to work. I need help or tips to get these pesky quads to stop doing all the work.

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Talularocks, I'm sorry, but I don't have time this morning to write it out again, but there are a LOT of threads where this has been answered. I think if you just do a little search you can easily find the information you need. Try under extensions and also under developpé, in this forum and in YD forums.:jump:

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Here is an additional thing that might help in getting the correct feel:


To learn to lift the leg without quadriceps (and to get strength in the hip flexors which are the correct mucles for lifting the leg) my beginning teacher had us to do a lot of leg throws/lifts with the knee relaxed. This forces you to lift the leg without quads, as quads attach to the knee.


We would stand at the barre (first both hands, later just one) in first position and lift the working leg as far up as we can a la seconde. Important things to remember were/are: do not let your lower back to buckle, keep the working hip down, keep the working leg turned out from the hip, keep working knee relaxed, and keep working foot pointed. (I used to think of lifting my knee to my armpit.) Do not do too many at a time, as the hip flexor muscle feels really, really nasty when it cramps! :wink:


(You can also swing your leg front/back with knee relaxed to get the feel for those directions.)



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