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So i found out a couple of days ago that a piece i'm in for an upcoming dance performance will require me to be on pointe. The only problem i haven't done pointe since october (even though i have been keeping in shape since then). I'm wondering if this would really be a good idea for me to do. The only things i have to do on pointe are a sous-sous balance and a pique arabesque, which are pretty simple things to do. the only reason the choreographers want me on pointe is because it's supposed to be a ballet audition where the "rejects" do some hip-hop, then us "bunheads" come back on carrying the pointe shoes and we have a hip-hop vs. ballet battle. i was planning on going in to the dance studio and doing some releves and echappes and such this week to kind of get myself back in shape. Would this be a good idea or should i tell the choreographers that me doing pointe would be a bad idea?

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Honestly, you need to tell the choreographers that this is Not a good idea. Trying to do a performance that requires pointe work, and you having not even attempted pointe work since October would be setting your self up for serious injury. I highly reccommend not doing pointe work for this piece.

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Laura, I moved this from Pointe Shoe topics because it's really not about the shoes, it's about what one does in them :wacko:


Now, the question is, are you in technique classes? Are you studying ballet at all? If not, then dancing on pointe is not a good idea. If you are taking classes, then start doing pointe work immediately if you plan to wear pointe shoes on stage, even for a very small amount of work.

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No, i'm not really in ballet technique classes, though i am dancing, just not ballet. Then i will tell the choreographer that i am not comfortable doing pointework, and she should be fine with it. she said if i wasn't comfortable doing pointe, i could just wear de-shanked shoes or just carry a pair back on stage. it should not be a problem.

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