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Well so if you read my post on the nutrition board you will know about my injury. Three weeks ago my chiropracter fixed me up and told me I could dance in 3 days. I followed his rules and did class with leg at 45 degrees and turnout turned in somewhat. Then did rehearsal after that and I felt great. But then that Sunday I had another rehearsal in modern and the teacher gave me a duo in the dance with a junior in high school who has been doing modern like her whole life and I just started this year (although I caught on very fast) so I really wanted to prove myself and pushed myself too much and reinjured my leg. So once again I was out after only being able to dance. Now 3 weeks almost 4 I feel as though I'm fully healed and can dance tomorrow. I have a feeling although my extension and turnout won't be as great because I haven't been able to stretch and dance that my artistic side will be very good because I have been in agony watching class for 3 weeks. MOST HORRIBLE FEELING IN THE WORLD IS KNOWING YOU CAN'T DANCE!!! I can't wait. I am so excited. Wish me luck and hopefully I won't encounter this injury again.

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There are some positives here, though. First, you have now given it the time needed and should be okay to start again. Secondly, it sounds like you learned some things from watching, which is very important. And thirdly, hopefully you also learned from the first experience of doing too much too soon, that you will have to be very careful and come back slowly from this, and any injury, if you plan to be able to continue to dance and not have to stop again! :wink:

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I heartily agree. This is an experience you will call upon many times to help yourself or others to do what they want to do. You've experienced a crisis and weathered it well. You can now speak with authority on this topic, as you have the experience! :wink:

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Oh trust me I learned a lot from filling out an observation sheet for every single class I had to sit out. Helps but not the most fun thing to be doing. :grinning: Glad to report I feel really good after 3 hours of dancing, just a little sore. Although I can't stretch my middle splits yet, that would fall under the catagory " Too much, Too soon" so I just backed off that today. It feels so good to be dancing again.

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