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To Dancemom CA

My daughter lives at home. A few students that are not from the area have made other arrangements for living - with a teacher or relative or even sharing an apartment (older students!). My daughter knows some students whose families have moved to Calgary so they can attend the School of Alberta Ballet.

Joyce has been at the school for 2 years now. She is fantastic. My daughter loves her. The kids do really well on their Cecchetti exams because who better to have as a teacher than someone of her caliber!

The Kilgours are doing a great job at the helm and there is alot of communication and cooperation between the ballet school and Alberta Ballet (the company), especially since Jean Grand Maitre took over. IMHO, the school is really building into a very fine program.


In case you are interested, there is now a survey filled out on the Banff Centre, if you want more details on it.

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Guest dancetty

Banff Centre

My DD went in 2003 at age 16 - loved every minute of it. Great facility, food tasty and varied (restaurant quality) and the teaching staff and counsellors were excellent and it's 5 weeks long. The added bonus was that as parents, we stayed a couple of nights at the Centre and Banff is beautiful. There was lots of supervision and some organised activities (a hike around Lake Louise, BBQs, etc.) although not much free time to take up the fencing, wall climbing lessons - not sure anyone did. She made lots of good friends and had loads of fun - they also got to meet some of the musical students on the same floor. She said one of the highlights was being on the top floor of the residence with other students on Canada Day watching the fireworks while the voice students there with them (studying elsewhere in the Centre) sang O, Canada in harmony.

Can't think of many drawbacks except that as parents you have to book tickets for the performances early and you don't know which performance time your DK will be in. Also, if you want to stay in the Centre yourself (and there are some rooms available - not air conditioned though) you also have to book early. DD also developed strong shins temporarily as all walking is either uphill or downhill!

Oh, and storage in the rooms for the DK's is a bit of a challenge - a plastic box that slipped under the bed was useful and several had those plastic sets of drawers. The year she was there we had the opportunity to buy photographs but this year they produced a video of one of the performances - I think. Take coathangers and granola bars I seem to remember. Canada Post delivery is erratic too - it all seemed to arrive on one day of the week which is not good if you have to send point shoes.

All in all - a great experience although I do think that the older DK's get more out of it than the younger ones because of the lesson plan in the later weeks.

Hope this helps

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dancetty, thanks so much for this nice write up! :) Would you consider copying your post or offering a similar one on the SI forum where we have a link of this program? Click on this link: Banff.


Naturally, I can just copy your post myself, but it's always much nicer if people write and post themselves. I know seeing your name attached to the thread will catch more eyes than my well used cyber name. :blink: I noticed that this program has three different levels - it looks quite interesting! Dance Programs at The Banff Centre - the "Dance Program" for ages 13 and up, "Dance Training" for those 16 and up who are poised to enter the ballet world and "Professional Dance" for professionals who are looking to hone their skills. If you do know something more about these, perhaps you could post about them, as well, over on the SI forum, too.

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Bumping this up for interest's sake.


With a quote from Mom2 from another thread:

I just noticed this post on young dancer, and since I'm not able to post on that forum, am hoping that you could pass along some information.


This place has quite a lot of variety from what I can see - and one is able to take open classes here. My daughter takes the open Adv. classes and enjoys them a great deal.




The following link is for the professional school in Montreal - connected I believe with Les Grands Ballets... We know dancers who have done this program. Many have liked it, but if you are an advanced dancer wanting the white tutu kind of experience it may not be for you.




Hope this helps. I know there must be more places in Montreal, but these are the two that I know of.

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I thought the Royal Winnipeg was great. I especially loved all the things we could do. The teachers too are fantastic. It was nice that the dorms are connected to the studios so you don't have to walk far or outside.

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