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Enjoy!!! And try not to panic every time she's five minutes late in getting home ...

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I know what you mean, syr! But, the loss is lessened by the fact that our drive is only five minutes.


And actually, it was little sis who got anxious when DD was a tiny bit late ... not me, not at all, nuh-unh, no way... :(

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Guest ivy'smama

I can rejoice with you. My DD just got her license about 3 weeks ago and although I said this wouldn't happen, I am already letting her make the 1 1/2 hour trek to Atlanta by herself on the weekends. I still drive two days during the week since we have a carpool and she is not allowed to have other teens in the car with her yet. But to be able to sleep in on Saturdays again... PURE HEAVEN!!!

I make her call me when she gets to the studio and before she leaves again, though.

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I am so jealous!!!! I am seriously considering starting a petition to allow 13 year old dancers the option of getting their drivers licenses early. :wink: I can't wait for the day when dd is behind the wheel of her own car, driving off to dance and I am sitting at home, eating dinner on time with my husband and enjoying an occasional glass of wine. :wink: One can dream.....

By the way...congrats to your daughter! :thumbsup:

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Congrats to the eldest daughter of Treefrog - and to you Treefrog, as well. :wink:


Personally, I'm nervous about the whole sooner than I'm ready for her to be driving person in our home - too many cars around here! :wink:

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Congratulations, Treefrog's daughter! And you too, Treefrog. The first child getting a license is a real milestone ( :D haha, good pun) in a parent's life. I think that, next to a toddler's first day walking, it's the biggest step (ooh, another pun :lol: ) towards independence in a minor's life.

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Congratulations to you both! :wink: Eventually, though, will come that day when you are driving her somewhere and she starts giving you helpful driving "tips". Even worse will be when you realize she is right! :flowers:

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Even worse is when you add it up ... her night vision is better .... her reflexes are better ... she got a few years of city and cross country experience ..... "you drive, honey." :wink:

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I like that idea, syr. :firedevil:

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Congrats Treefrog and daughter! :P Freedom Day is coming for me this fall; dd just got her permit last week.


Has she asked you to buy her a car yet? If not, that day is not far off!

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