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teacher gift?


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Hello dancers,


Just wondering what if anything you all were planning on doing for teacher gifts. I have two wonderful teachers and would certainly like to show my appreciation for their efforts over the course of the year.


This may come off so crass, so please bear with me: would AmEx gift cheques or something similar be just unbearably offensive? I really hesitate to buy a gift that might not be useful or wanted.


There is no limit to the extent of my gratitude for these two teachers so I guess that is my thought - that they might be able to do whatever they wanted with the gift cheque.


GC's as gifts have become more accepted in the general populace, but how do ballet teachers feel about it? I have some concern because of the more traditional environment, if that makes sense. There may be something (YET ANOTHER THING) there that I don't know :D



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Gift checks or gift certificates are excellent gifts, IMO. I love getting department store, Starbucks, or Barnes and Noble or Borders certificates! :D:lol:

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Here's some of the gifts we've given that seem to have gone over pretty well: gift certificates for restaurants or grocery stores near the ballet studio that offer carry-out meals; and a gift certificate for a pedicure and foot massage at a salon next to a studio. And if you don't know already, you can usually find out from other staff there what stores or restaurants are near where the teacher lives. I think that's clutch -- making sure that GCs won't require extra effort to use them!

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In the past I have given my teachers flowers, a good bottle of wine and I think my favourite one was when I brought a lovely little tin and a kind of music box (but funky looking), my teacher loved it and in fact any ballet person loves something you can put all your hairpins/hair nets etc into. But, I think you really have to know the person you are giving the gift for. I knew my teacher wasn't allergic to flowers for example, and that the wine would be welcome. So even though gift vouchers may seem a bit impersonal they are a safe bet.

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Our class went together and got our teacher an afternoon at a really nice spa. Boy, did that go over well :D:lol:

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As a teacher, I would really appreciate something like that! All the G/C suggestions made above are perfect. I have enough body lotions, candles, picture frames, figurines and other knick-knacks to fill a boutique.



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I would appreciate a gift certificate to almost anywhere. But the best "gift" I got was just a simple note from a student that I received a couple of months ago. She just expressed how she enjoyed being my student, and was glad that I was a hard teacher because she didn't want a teacher who didn't push her to do better. It made my heart warm because I can be pretty demanding, and I'm always wondering if the students are going to get frustrated. But so far, so good! It was so nice to get that note and know that the students realize they need frequent corrections in order to achieve more. I think I will keep that note forever! :)

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I always do relaxation baskets. Each time the basket is different but each time it's theme is relaxation. The teachers LOVE them!



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They especially enjoy the half-gallon of 151-proof rum. Very relaxing! :firedevil:

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Ballet teachers love gift cards (at least all the ones I know) Write a pretty card thanking them, ect. and inside put the gift card....Barnes and Noble is my personal favorite, but Starbucks, a popular local coffee shop...or anything that you know the particular teacher might like. I adore movies, and one of my students gave me a Blockbuster gift card...that sort of thing.

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