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london classes beginning of july

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Hi ; I'm coming to London for the first week of july ; I read mr Robin's post, and I wondered if you could advise me other classes at those studios on other days, for instance (I've done three years ballet, quite intensively; I'm 26)

I wonder if I shoud aim at beginner or elementary, or if someone could describe Intermediate

I'm also looking for pilates and floor barre classes

thanlk you very much in advance

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In central London Pineapple (Covent Garden) and Danceworks (near Oxford Street) are two obvious places to try. Their websites have the full timetables, but Pineapple has an elementary class at 3pm every day and Danceworks at 1pm every day. There are beginner classes later in the day at each place, at 5.30 or 6 or later. Price is between 8 and 10 pounds including day membership. I go to both depending on my schedule, and would advise beginner or elementary level unless you want to push yourself, because in central London lots of very good dancers attend all levels of classes and that tends to make them a bit more demanding! Having said that, the teachers I've come across are all very welcoming. There are also open classical ballet classes at the Urdang Academy (near Pineapple in Covent Garden) and The Place (near Euston Station) and contemporary at the latter. Maybe someone else can advise about these. Finally, I live in west London and take classes at Ballet Rambert and elsewhere, but these would only be of interest if you're in the area rather than central. Have fun! I'm about to make a trip to Washington and will try out some classes there - it's a revelation to realise that business trips don't have to mean missing out on dancing.

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How convenient that you asked this question, because I'm going to be in London at the beginning of July as well and was wondering where I could take classes. But I think I will be sticking to the beginner level.

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