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Ballet Schools in Texas - Dallas/Ft. Worth


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My almost 10 year old daughter wants to be a ballerina. However, she also loves her competition studio that focuses on tap and jazz, and isn't ready to give it up.

She has taken extra ballet at another studio this past year, but the schedules aren't working for this fall.

Can anyone recommend a studio in DFW area that I should look into?


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Your daughter is too young now but, in the future you may check out the performing arts high school Booker T, I believe it is in dallas.

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You could always split the difference between D and FW and go to Coppell:


Ballet Academy of Texas


Lisa Slagle Nicholson is a colleague of mine from the Joffrey days.

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(I tried the creating a hyperlink but it didn't work) chamberlainballet.org



Chamberlain School of Ballet, Plano, TX

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There are a number of good schools in the DFW area. The school that Major Mel mentions is quite good. Two of their students were selected to perform Mozartiana with ABT when they were in Texas. Only four other girls were chosen from the entire state.


Chamberlain is also a good school with a slight leaning towards the Balanchine style. Wendy Whelan and Philip Neal from NYCB have been their guest artitsts for Nutcracker fo the past few years.


Of course there is Texas Ballet Theater School in Fort Worth which is connected to the professional company run by Ben Stevenson.


In Arlington there is Metropolitan Ballet Theater (I think that is the correct name) that Paul Mejia is with and it is also connected to a professional company.


There is Etgen/Atkinson in University Park where former NYCB dancer Michele Gifford trained and present NYCB soloist Jenny Tinsley trained.


Tuzer Ballet is in Richardson and it is run by Pat and Tanju Tuzer who danced with the Harkness Ballet.


There are a number of other schools. In general, there is a lot of good training in this area. This area has produced a lot of professional ballet and other dancers.


Booker T. - the performing arts high school - is a wonderful place, but not that great for ballet unless you are taking somewhere else also. However they do have two alumni (male), one who is retired from, and one who is presently with ABT.


Find a studio that suits your child, location, and goals!!!

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One studio that was not mentioned in Dallas Dance Academy in Richardson. They also have a dancer who was one of the 4 in the aformentioned ABT performance. It is a small studio with both a Junior Company and a Senior Company and is the Dallas school of the Texas Ballet Theater in Ft. Worth.


Tuzer also has an Junior Company and a Senior company and has a Russian teacher that has her own clientele.


Also, the Country Day school in Ft. Worth has a nice program. Not sure if you have to go there or not, but they turn out some nice dancers.


Another studio that is solid is City Ballet in Dallas. They appear to be better for the higher levels. They also tend to put kids on pointe earlier.


If you know a more exact area, it might be easier to give more help.

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Thanks for all the information.

I checked into Ballet Academy, but can't make it to the classes on time.

I went to TBT today and she is going to go audition there in August. My daughter liked it there and the schedule works great if she gets into a certain level.

MCB is where she went last year, but I pulled her when they got mad that she didn't want to wear her pointe shoes to class for an hour and a half for the first time wearing them.

Country Day School doesn't work with our schedule right now, but she loves it there!!

Thanks for the ideas. Hopefully TBT will work out.

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Just curious, but what is MCB? Is that in Dallas? Ft Worth?

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What area of DFW are you willing to drive to?


I'm not really sure. It depends on the time the classes start and how much my daughter likes the teacher.

We went from west Ft. Worth to Coppell today checking out places.

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hippiechicken, I'd be interested to know more about your experience with MCB. After lots of thought (& even writing out a list of pros & cons) we had decided to enroll our DD in MCB starting next fall (She's 5YO BTW). Our reasons were that they had Nutcracker, they were reasonably close to us (TBT would be about 45 minutes & the same for Ballet Academy of TX) & I just thought they'd be a good fit.

FWIW, TBT did make the short list. It was really between them & MCB & the drive made the decision.

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hippiechicken, I'd be interested to know more about your experience with MCB. 



My daughter started there last summer during the intensive and loved it. She was in the Nutcracker. The week before it she was told to get pointe shoes over Christmas break. (I was honored thinking she must be great, she is only 9!) After Christmas break she wore them for 1 class and cried, not wanting to go back. I told her "don't wear them!" So for the next class, she didn't wear them. She told the teacher her mom said she didn't have to. Her teacher explained to me that she is the teacher and says when to wear them, not me!

We never went back!!

For a 5 yo it's probably is okay. Like I say, my daughter loved it at first. The Nutcracker was fun. And it's inexpensive compared to others around. We live 5 minutes from it, so it was very convenient.

But my daughter is more serious about ballet (10 yo), so I am willing to drive now. Hope this helps. Let me know if there's anything else.

What does 'DD' mean?

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