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I wondered whether anyone has information about the Munich School of Ballet. I am considering applying to them and am a little concerned because their application form asks for your religion, quite prominently. Other German ballet schools, such as Stuttgart, do not ask for religion so this is not a requirement of the German government and appears to be unique to the Munich School.


I am half Jewish and I do not believe that putting my religion on an application is ever a neutral factor, the more so because this school is in Germany. If I am optimistic, I could believe that perhaps they have affirmative action for people of Jewish background. I would not lie about my religion because I would not want to study in an environment where I felt so out of place. Any information that people have about this school would be appreciated.



There application can be found here:



Thanks for any information you can give me!


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Mandy, I am not German, but I have been living here for many years.


I would _think_ that the reason for asking about the religion is just because they "want the info for their files".

As far as I know, in Germany - and probably Austria too - everyone pays church-tax.

When I first moved to Germany to work, one of the forms we had to fill out also asked for this.

I left it blank.


No problem.


I _think_ they only want to know to which church they should give your share of taxes.





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Thanks for taking the time to respond to my inquiry. At first, I didn’t wonder too much about the reason for asking religion. It was only after I saw that other ballet schools in Germany such as the Hamburg Ballet School and the Stuttgart Ballet School do not inquire about religion on an application before you are admitted that I became worried. I had heard good things about the program at the Munich Ballet School and I am interested in applying, but their application did raise some concerns for me.


I forgot to emphasize in my first post that if anyone has information on the school itself, outside of the religion issue, I would be very interested to learn about your thoughts.


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Remember, Munich is in Bavaria. They want to know if they should call a Roman Catholic priest if you collapse in class.


(PS. I'm not kidding!)

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Bavarian here :D It is quite common in Bavaria to ask about the religion. As Bavaria is mainly catholic, it has a couple of more bank holidays. Especially when you work for a catholic company, it means you get a couple of extra holiday days :thumbsup: (you don't have to be catholic to get these days off).


There has been a huge (and still ongoing) discussion a couple of years ago about crosses in class rooms as it was a Bavarian state law to have a (catholic) cross in every single class room. Some parent were obviously complaining about too much religion which caused a big debate.


The Bosl Stiftung is a very good school. I assume they are just asking about your religion for their statistics. You certainly don't have to worry about it. Being catholic or not does certainly have no influence, nor in the school or elsewhere - at least if you live in a big city.


PS: Once you start working you will have to pay a church tax :firedevil:

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Yes, the school has a very good reputation. :firedevil:


And, yes, you also must pay church taxes when you start working, but only if you have put down on some official form or other what religion you have.


For most of us, this information is not in our passports, so we can say whatever we like.

For Germans, and Austrians, it is in there.



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You do not have to pay taxes if, in writing, you formally declare yourself 'not a Christian.' We lived in Germany and know a man who inaccurately declared himself an atheist on his tax papers in order to avoid this particular tax. Idn't that special.

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Isn't Daniil at the Heinz-Bosl-Stiftung? You may ask him what exactly they need it for.

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Isn't Daniil at the Heinz-Bosl-Stiftung? You may ask him what exactly they need it for.


No, I am not :D I'm studying privatly in a small town near Frankfurt with my mother as coach.

Some of my friends are in munich, such as Zherlin Ndudi and Denis Cherevychko. Both were in the final of this year's Lausanne Competition and are preparing in the moment for the Moscow competition this year.


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Good idea! Daniil, what about it? Is this a necessary piece of information, or just the organization collecting demographics for use in case of possible employment?


NOTE TO AMERICANS: This "church tax" seems alien, but it's not at all unusual in European countries, especially those that were part of the old Holy Roman Empire (800-1806 AD). We used to have them in various states until about 1830, when the Supreme Court found that church taxes to benefit the Congregational Church in Massachusetts and the Episcopal Church in Virginia were unconstitutional.

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Oh, I am so sorry. I thought you would study with the other two! :D

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