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Thanks for the memories


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I would like to salute PNB's retiring leaders: Francia Russell and Kent Stowell. These two took an embryonic dance group and created a well-developed, strong, reputable company that is still in its youth! We are lucky to live in Seattle and have been able to watch the growth up close.


Today it is hard to raise a child with all the outside distractions. Getting a child to focus on something and work toward something, is one way to control and even avoid the distractions, especially the negative ones. I confess to wanting the discipline instilled along with the appreciation for the beauty of this dance form. I greatly appreciate all this school has done to instill/reinforce positive values for kids. That's love.


I wish them well for their future and thank them for what they've built for Seattle, and the world.

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Guest barrefly

I don't know if this is news, but I read somewhere that this is also

Xxx Xxx's last season. :thumbsup:


(Name deleted as gossip. "Somewhere" nonspecific is gossip! :blink: )


...sorry Mel, It wasn't meant to be gossip, but rather an inquiry as to

the validaty of this "rumor". I guess if it were true someone would have

stated it on this board by now, which after doing a search, does not seem to

be the case.

Again, my sincere apologies. (now if I may crawl back under my rock, undetected).

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