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February is not late. It just seemed like it this year. And to make it even harder even the ABTs can't do all early auditions for every city every year, so who knows, maybe here in Florida it will be back to having them spread out more again like years past. But in the 5 years my kid has auditioned we have had the bulk of them be earlier each year with the majority of them in January. Of course since you have to schedule without knowing everyone else's schedule it makes it even that harder to know what is going to happen in the various locales you go to.


I think overall more kids are auditioning in this area for all the programs. It just has worked out where kids did so many early here many ended up not doing ones they had originally thought about that were in February and March.


The first two years it seemed like most mine wanted to do were in February or later. Now many SIs try to get done before March. And many try to be done by mid Feb. In fact it might be nice to have them spread out a little more again. This year there were often 2 or 3 on the same day making it impossible sometimes to do some. Example PBT did three auditions on the east coast of Florida, should be easy to get to one right? Well on one of their days SFB did their only FL audition, on another Houston did their only FL audition and on the third Harid and MCB both had auditions of their own. PNB, Boston, Ballet Met and NCDT/Chautauqua all had auditions on the same day, all spread out and at overlapping times. Boston and NCDT both had auditons the day before too. So if you wanted to do both of them you could do Boston in Boca Raton then the next day drive across the state to St. Pete and do NCDT or do NCDT in Miami and the next day go all the way to Orlando to do Boston. People were doing stuff like that all January so it is easy to see burn out by February. Next year could be totally different. Videos are looking better all the time... :D

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Ms. Leigh, Thank you for explaining your dilemma. I realize it is difficult to audition in all of the areas you would like.


February is not  late. It just seemed like it this year.

Vicarmac, I agree- not only are many of the auditions early in the year but the issues “Pointe Magazine” and “Dance Magazine” advertising the audition sites and dates seem to be arriving later. :D In Seattle this year there also seemed to be more auditions on Sunday than in previous years.


The major problem I find with audition videos, it that the DK doesn’t have the opportunity to take class and thereby evaluate the auditioner.

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