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I have another question. :thumbsup: When I go up onto demi pointe in flat shoes it feels as though my big toe is jammed. It is very painful.:D Unknowingly I formed the habit of sickling my foot to avoid the pain. Is this cause by my bunion? Can it be stopped? Thanks. :blink:

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Wear a spacer inside your ballet slippers.

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Thank you for the replys! I did recently start wearing a spacer in all of my shoes, and it did help, it just didn't completely ease the pain. I was just wondering if there was anything else i could do... :wink:

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Guest tigger_fan_ann

maybe your shoes are too tight (laterally). i had that problem before but that was because the shoes were cramping my bunions that everytime i go on demi-pointe, it would hurt my big toe.

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Yes, that is a possibility. My shoes are getting a little tight. :thumbsup: However, it hurts even without my shoes when I am just barefoot.

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Guest tigger_fan_ann

well, i have a feeling that the tightness of your shoe has already affected your feet, thus causing it to hurt even when barefoot. ;) it's like wearing the wrong rubbershoes and cramping your bunions. when you remove it, or walk around barefoot for a week, it'll still hurt.


try putting ice on it. it helps me relieve the pain. and buy new shoes as well. haha :unsure:

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